China Mainland to Hainan by car – How to

If you are driving to Hainan or visiting the island (except by plane) then this article might be for you.

There are five departure piers on the mainland and three arrival piers in Haikou.

To reach Hainan from the mainland across the sea, you must take a ferry.

There are three terminals departing from Guangdong, Zhanjiang Xuwen Port, Hai’an New Port, and Guangdong-Hainan Railway Beigang Ferry Terminal, which depart 24 hours a day.

There are two terminals departing from Guangxi, Beihai Yintan International Passenger Terminal and Dijiao Port Authority Terminal.

Ferries arrive in odd-even day rotations every month. Ferries leave from the two road terminals of Xiuying Port and Xinhai Port in Haikou, as well as the Nangang Ferry Terminal of Guangdong- Hainan Railway.

Reminder: The original passenger transportation business of Hai’an Port has been transferred to Xuwen Port.

Three ways to buy tickets.

There are three ways to purchase tickets, including manual ticket purchase, online ticket purchase and the self-service ticket purchase.
Manual ticket purchase and self-service machine ticket purchase require passengers to arrive at the departure terminal in advance. If there it is peak passenger time, it’s likely to be sold out.

Therefore, it is recommended you to purchase tickets online in advance. You can log in to the official accounts of “Xinhai Port”, “Qiongzhou Strait Ferry Manager”, “Xuwen Port”, “Hai’an Xin port”, “Haikou Bendibao” or by using the purchase service on Wechat, and various other tourist platforms.
Select the desired departure date, departure dock and arrival dock and remember to purchase with the real name.

Procedures for Cross-Sea Ferry Ride

Specific procedures for taking the cross-sea ferry include ticket purchase, security check, waiting for the ship, ticket inspection, boarding, separation of people and vehicles, and disembarking at the port.

Please arrive at the port in good time to purchase tickets. Individual passengers need to arrive 30 minutes early, 50 minutes early for cars, passenger cars 60 minutes early and trucks 60 minutes early.

When travelling by vehicle, the driver must leave the vehicle on the first deck and move to the passenger compartment on the second deck until arrival in Hainan.

Accompanying passengers are not allowed to stay in the vehicle during any part of the journey.

The difference between the ferry terminals

The frequency, fare, shipping time, and comfort level of each ferry are different.

There are 53 departures from Xuwen Port (Guangdong)-Xinhai Port (Haikou) throughout the day, each departure is about 30 minutes apart and a one-way trip takes around 60 minutes.

The fare for a car is 415.5 yuan/car (including a driver), the price for each passenger is 41.5 yuan/person and vehicle insurance is 30 yuan.

This ferry has the shortest crossing time as the port terminal is the closest to Haikou.

Hai’an Xingang (Guangdong) – Xiuying Port (Haikou) route has 23 ferries throughout the day, each departure is about 1 hour apart, and a one-way trip takes 90 minutes.

The fare is 375 yuan/car, the price for each passenger is 41.5 yuan/person, and vehicle insurance is 30 yuan.

There are 16 departures for the ferry from the North port (Guangdong)-South port (Haikou) of the Guangdong- Hainan Railway, each departure is about 1.5 hours apart, and a one-way trip is 90 minutes.

The fare for the car is 419 yuan (including one driver), the price for each passenger is 42 yuan/person, and vehicle insurance is 30 yuan. The arrival terminal is relatively close to Haikou City.

Beihai International Passenger Port sleeper ferry departs at 18:00 every evening and arrives at Haikou, Xiuying Port at 06:00 the next day.

The fare for the car is 650 yuan, a recreational vehicle is 790 yuan, a two-wheeled motorcycle is 90 yuan and passenger sleeper fares are 500 yuan, 200 yuan, 180 yuan, 160 yuan, and 140 yuan.

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