Hainan Guangyu Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Company name: Hainan Guangyu Bio-technology Co.,Ltd

Location of Registration: China Hainan Haikou

Oprational Address: Jinpan

Business type: Manufacturer

Office phone: (886)898-68643447

Hainan Guangyu Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is the only domestic, vertically integrated Bio Cellulose (bacterial cellulose, aka BC) base material producer with its own intellectual properties, R&D, design, production facilities and sales organization.

The company has successfully developed patented bacterial cellulose gel face mask (Chinese patent number:ZL200610075040.8), making Bio Cellulose (bacterial cellulose) a unique base material for cosmetics applications.

The company also pioneers the use of bacterial cellulose in facial masks.

The patent has won numeral accolades such as the “11th Chinese patent Excellence Award”, the “National Science and Technology Progress Award”, and the “11-5 Chinese Science and Technology Planning Execution Contribution Award.”

The motto of the company is to "constantly provide our customers with innovative products through relentless pursue of excellence in R&D".