Important Reminder. Buckle up and helmet on!

​According to statistics, most traffic accidents resulting in fatalities are due to drivers, riders and passengers not wearing a seatbelt when traveling by car or a helmet when riding on a motorcycle or e-bike.

Research shows that wearing a helmet or seatbelt would drop traffic fatalities by 60 – 70%.

Crack down on those not wearing a helmet or seatbelt

As of 1st June 2020 the Hainan traffic police are launching a new operation to clamp down on those not wearing seatbelts or helmets.

The operation will also target back seat passengers not wearing a belt. Get caught not wearing a seatbelt as a passenger and expect a fine of 200 yuan.

Buckle up and helmet on!

Before riding on an e-bike/motorcycle the rider and passenger(s) must wear a helmet or face a penalty.

Riding in a car – Everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt.

Stay safe!

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