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It is prohibited to breed or raise the following dogs in Haikou City

According to Article 12 of the “Regulations on the Management of Dog Raising in Haikou City”. It is prohibited to breed or raise the following dogs in Haikou City.

The order to manage the dogs in the city has been put in place to ensure the safety of citizens. It was approved by the municipal government, the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Haikou Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau.

The ruling will be enforced and implemented from September 17, 2021, with a validity period of five years.

The following breeds are not allowed within Haikou City.

藏獒 (Tibetan Mastiff)

美国斗牛梗 (American Pit Bull Terrier)

阿根廷杜高犬 (Dogo Argentino)

巴西菲勒犬 (Fila Brasileiro)

日本土佐犬 (Tosa Inu)

中亚牧羊犬 (Central Asian Sheepdog)

川东猎犬 (Chinese Chongqing Dog)

苏俄牧羊犬 (Borzoi))

德国牧羊犬 (German Shepherd)

牛头梗 (Bull Terrier)

英国马士提夫 (English mastiff)

意大利卡斯罗 (Italian Cane Corso)

大丹犬 (Great Danes)

俄罗斯高加索犬 (Caucasian Ovcharka)

意大利纽波利顿 (Neapolitan mastiff)

斯塔福犬 (Staffordshire terrier)

阿富汗猎犬 (Afghan hound)

波音达犬 (Pointer)

威玛猎犬 (Weimaraner)

雪达犬 (English Setters)

寻血猎犬 (Bloodhound)

巴仙吉犬 (Basenji)

英国斗牛犬 (British Bulldog)

秋田犬 (Akita )

纽芬兰犬 (Newfoundland)

贝灵顿梗 (Bedlington Terrier )

凯利蓝梗 (Kerry Blue Terrier)

中华田园犬 (Chinese rural dog)

大白熊犬 (Great pyrenees)

罗威纳犬 (Rottweiler)

马里努阿犬 (Belgian Malinois)

杜宾犬 (Doberman Pinscher)

拳师犬 (Boxer)

沙皮犬 (Chinese shar pei)

昆明犬 (Chinese kunmin)

松狮犬 (ChowChow)

大麦町犬 (Dalmatian)

伯恩山犬 (BerneseMountainDog)

灵缇犬 (Greyhound)

坎高犬 (kangal)

Larger dogs are also prohibited

Dogs whose body height (the distance from the highest point of the shoulder to the ground when standing) exceeds 50 cm or the body length (the distance from the midpoint of the ears to the base of the tail) of more than 60 cm are large dogs.

Support dogs such as guide dogs for the blind and handicapped are exempt from the ruling.

For those who are still keeping prohibited dogs in the prohibited areas, according to the “Haikou City Dog Management Regulations”, the public security organs will order corrections within a time limit and give warnings; if corrections are not made within the time limit, the dogs will be confiscated and a thousand yuan fine will be given.

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