July – October expect 6-8 tropical cyclones, increase in rainfall and slightly higher temperatures

According to the provincial climate center utilising the latest sea surface temperatures and atmospheric circulation readings, it is estimated that between July – October, around 6-8 tropical cyclones will effect Hainan Island.

It’s predicted that the tropical cyclones visiting the island this year will be slightly larger than usual. Rainfall, flooding and high temperatures will also be slightly higher than normal.

It is estimated that from July to October, the number of tropical cyclones affecting Hainan Island will be around 4-6 (normally 4.7 per year), and 2 will land on Hainan Island (normally 1.7 per year).

The intensity of the tropical cyclones that will affect and land in Hainan is generally close to normal, but there may be some strong typhoons during that period.

The rainy season for 2021 began on April 26, which is 10 days earlier than normal. The rainy season is expected to end in late October (10 days later than usual).

The total rainfall from July to October will be slightly higher than that of previous years. July, August, and October will be 5%-10% higher, and September will have 5%-10% less rainfall. Expected storm and flood warnings will increase slightly.

It is expected that from July to October, the average temperature will be higher in many locations around the island. It is expected that July and September temperatures will be higher by 0.4-0.6℃, and August and October will be higher by 0.2-0.4℃. The number of high temperature days has increased slightly compared to that of recent years.

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