Natural resources in Hainan 2019

Natural resources in Hainan 2019

The tropical land area of Hainan accounts for 42.5% of all tropical land area in China. Hainan Island has not only dense primal tropical rain forests rich in regional species, but is also one of the key cultivation areas for Chinese herb medicine.

Hainan has 70 types of mineral resources, including high grade iron ore deposits, quartz sand, zicron sand (ranked top quality in China), accounting for two-thirds of reserves in China.

The surrounding area of Hainan Island is rich in oil and gas resources. Explored fields include Yingeya 13-1 Gas Field, Oriental Gas Field, Ledong Gas Field, Wenchang Oil and Gas Field and Ludifushan Oil and Gas Field.

Hainan Island has 1,823 km of coastline with 68 Bays. The coastal beach area which can be utilised for breeding amounts to about 25,700 hectares. Marine aquatic products are estimated to be in the region of over 800 different types.

As one of the seven major tourism areas in China, Hainan’s tourism resources include costal holidays, diving, golf, rainforest exploration, eco-tourism, hot spring health care, and folk culture.