Review of “Haikou’s Dog Management Regulations” – Information for dog owners in Haikou.

According to the twenty-third stipulation of “Haikou’s Dog Management Regulations”. Dog registration certificates are valid for one year.

Dog registration

According to Article 43 of the regulations, if you are raising a dog in a key management area, then you must properly register your dog.

If caught without proper registration, then the public security department will give a warning and set a time limit for your dog to be registered by.

Those who fail to make corrections within the time limit shall have their dogs confiscated and be imposed a fine of no less than 1,000 yuan but no more than 2,000 yuan.


Each year, you’ll need to renew the dog registration certificate. For this, a valid dog immunity certificate and other materials required by the public security organization will need to be submitted within 30 days of expiration of the certificate.

If the previously registered situation of the dog owner or their dog has changed, such as they no longer meet the conditions for keeping a dog or fit the requirements for registration then the public security departments will refuse to handle the renewal procedures for dog registration and will cancel the dog registration. The smart dog license will be withdrawn.


Relevant legal provisions on the cancellation of a dog license.

Article 70 of the Administrative License Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that in any of the following circumstances, the administrative organ will handle the cancellation formalities of the relevant administrative license according to law if:

(1) The period of validity of an administrative license has not been renewed.
(2) If the citizen dies or loses capacity.
(3) A legal person or any other organization terminates the license according to law.
(4) An administrative license is withdrawn according to law, or an administrative license certificate is revoked according to law.
(5) The administrative license item cannot be implemented due to force majeure.
(6) Other circumstances under which the administrative license should be cancelled as stipulated by laws and regulations.


If a dog owner in the key management area transfers their dog to another person, they will need to go through the procedure of dog registration cancellation within seven days from the date of transfer.

The assignee shall apply for dog registration in accordance with the provisions of these regulations and obtain a dog registration certificate.

If the dog owner in the key management area gives up the dog, he shall send the dog to the dog shelter and go through the procedures of dog registration cancellation.

If the dog is lost or dies, the dog shall be registered for cancellation within 30 days from the day of the loss or death of the dog.

If the dog is confiscated, the public security organization shall cancel the registration of the dog.

Failure to go through the procedures for the cancellation of dog registration shall be ordered by the public security organization to correct within a time limit.

Those who fail to make corrections within the time limit shall be imposed a fine of no less than 500 yuan but no more than 1,000 yuan.

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