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Say no to drink driving! The law and limits for drink driving in China

As it is becoming more accessible for expats and tourists to rent and own cars here in Hainan, it is worth brushing up on the laws of the road.

This article will highlight the difference between drink driving and drunk driving for personal and commercial vehicles.

There are different limits, which if caught will result in a range of punishments. Best practice is to not drink any alcohol before getting behind the wheel. After a heavy night of drinking, it is also possible to still be over the limit well into the next morning.

Drink driving and Drunk driving – What are the limits

Drink driving refers to driving with a blood alcohol level equal or greater than 20mg / 100ml. But less than 80mg / 100ml.  

Drunk driving refers to a driver whose blood alcohol content is greater than or equal to 80mg / 100ml. This is considered drunk driving.

Personal vehicles (non business use)

Driving a motor vehicle while drink driving 

A fine of CNY 1,000 to CNY 2,000, 12 points subtracted from driving license and a suspension of driving license for 6 months. 

Driving a motor vehicle while drunk driving 

A CNY 5000 fine, 12 points subtracted from drivers license, 15 days’ detention and a 5-year ban on regaining a driver’s license.

Commercial vehicle drivers

Driving a commercial motor vehicle while drink driving

Loss of driving license, 5 year ban on regaining drivers license, sentenced to criminal detention and a fine.

Driving a commercial motor vehicle while drunk driving.

oss of driving license, 10 year ban on regaining drivers license, not allowed to drive a commercial motor vehicle for life, sentenced to criminal detention and a fine.

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