Temperatures across Hainan over the next week are expected to increase

Hainan has continued to issue a level four high temperature warning, and some towns are expected to reach a maximum temperature of 39°C!

According to the Hainan Meteorological Department, temperatures across the whole of Hainan are expected to increase over the next week.

The northwestern part of the island is expecting high temperatures above 35℃ with individual townships reaching 39℃

It is expected that from the 10th to the 16th, the southwest air current will continue to be affected, and the island will mostly be sunny to cloudy with showers or thundershowers in the afternoon.

The northwestern half of the region will continue to maintain high temperatures above 35℃, and the high temperature range will expand day by day, with individual townships reaching above 39℃.

The highest temperature in the southeastern half will be 32-35℃. The lowest temperature will hit 22~24℃ in central mountainous areas, and 24~27℃ in other areas.

10 day weather forecast for Haikou

10 day weather forecast for Wuzhishan

10 day weather forecast for Sanya

Temperatures across Hainan expected to increase over this next week.
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