Update on preventive measures to be put in place across Hainan

August 3rd, the Hainan Provincial New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Work Headquarters issued an announcement.

Recently, many provinces have successively experienced new coronary pneumonia cases. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic in Hainan Province, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

Reduce unnecessary movement of personnel

People in Hainan should not leave the island for non-essential travel, especially not to go overseas or to domestic medium to high risk areas, cities, districts and areas affected by the epidemic.

Immigration personnel will strictly implement the “14+7” control measure.

After the 14-day centralized isolation period expires, another 7-days of home health monitoring needs to be carried out.

Those with a history of residence in high-risk areas within the last 14 days should be quarantined for medical observation for 14 days after entering Hainan, and undergo nucleic acid testing as required.

Those with a history of residence in affected areas within the last 14 days can pass with a valid negative nucleic acid test certificate that has been issued within the last 48 hours. Those who do not hold a nucleic acid test certificate shall carry out nucleic acid testing at the port after arriving in Hainan.

Anyone who conceals, misrepresent, delays in reporting their travel history or obstructs prevention and control staff from performing their duties will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.

Reduce gathering/group activities

Meetings, training and other gathering or group activities for 300 people or more should not be held for the time being. For those with more than 50 people, an epidemic prevention and control plan should be formulated, which shall be reviewed by the city and county headquarters to strictly prevent the occurrence of cases during the event.

Strictly control key places

Airports, wharfs, railway stations, bus stations and other key transportation places shall strictly implement management measures such as wearing masks, temperature testing, checking “health codes”, and checking travel trajectories.

Shopping malls, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, wholesale markets and other places should implement measures such as wearing masks on entry, temperature testing, checking “health codes”, and disinfecting public areas. It is necessary to strengthen the control of personnel density in these places, promote self-service shopping, and reduce waiting times.

Internet cafes, bars, theaters, chess & card rooms, restaurants, hotels, libraries, museums and other closed public places must control the flow of people entering the venue.

Theater goers must sit in separate seats, and implement masks, temperature testing, regular ventilation and strict disinfection measures.

Hotels must implement real-name registration, wearing of masks, temperature testing, checking “health codes”, regular disinfection, and other prevention and control measures. They should also strictly disinfect tableware, and advocate non-contact ordering and checkout. It is recommended to use public chopsticks when dining.

Prevention and control of cultural and tourism activities

Control various folk customs gatherings, theatrical performances, sports competitions, exhibitions and sales activities.

All tourist attractions should control the upper limit of tourists, and ensure that tourist information can be queried and tracked; strictly implement the requirements for scan code registration, check itinerary trajectory, and temperature detection, and urge tourists to wear masks.

Actively vaccinate against the new crown vaccine

Hainan province has initiated the vaccination of people aged 12-17. People over 12 years old who have not received the vaccine and have no contraindications should be actively vaccinated to form an immune barrier as soon as possible.

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