What is Floorball and what does it have to do with Hainan?

What is floorball?

Floorball female player isolated on white studio background, action and motion concept
Floorball needs no bulky protection equipment

Floorball is a type of indoor hockey that doesn’t require any bulky protection equipment, the only equipment a player needs is a stick and a ball

Where did Floorball originate?

While the first modern floorball game took place in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1968, Canada and the USA both played a very similar version as far back as the 1950’s.

In Canada is was simply called “ball hockey,” while in America it was called “Cosom hockey,” named after the stick manufacturer Cosom, or street hockey.

Street hockey
This picture shows adults playing organized street hockey in a league. This is generally refereed to as “dek hockey” or “ball hockey”. They are playing in an outdoor rink that is 175 feet long by 80 feet wide. Each team has 5 runners and a goaltender. There are 2 officials in each game. In this photo, the person wearing the green polo shirt is an official.

Floorball is a contact sport so players can play with their body, but it has limits. The goalkeeper is not allowed to use a stick, but he can block the the ball with his body.

Why was Floorball invented?

Floorball equipment
Floorball stick and ball

The sport began as something that was played for fun as a pastime in schools. After a decade or so, floorball began showing up in Nordic countries where it soon became a developed sport. Formal rules were soon established, and clubs began to form.

What is the difference between floorball and hockey?

The main difference between Floorball and Hockey is that the Floorball is a ballgame-team sport and Hockey is a family of team sports. Floorball is a type of floor hockey with five players and a goalkeeper in each team.

What is the most prestigious International Floorball Tournament?

The Champions Cup

IFF Champions Cup Logo

The Champions Cup is floorball tournament organized by the International Floorball Federation for the best clubs from the top four countries according to IFF World Ranking.

What does Floorball have to do with Hainan?

Floorball Sanya Hainan

Floorball has taken new development steps in China by being included in the sports programme of Sanya Foreign Language School.

The project first started in July 2020 when the China Floorball Union (CFU) and Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) representatives, were invited to SYFLS.

The first meeting prepared the ground for the further floorball cooperation.

In August, the CFU appointed lecturers to provide floorball training for teachers of SYFLS and developed floorball courses for the school. With the support of CFU, SYFLS has now successfully launched floorball as a sport programme of the school.

Through the efforts and influence of SYFLS, schools in Hainan are gradually starting to include floorball into their school systems. Combined with Hainan’s unique geographical advantages and policy conditions, floorball can be further developed and strengthened through future international exchange. With the joint support and efforts of many parties, we see a bright future for Hainan floorball

CFU Vice President Mr. Yuan

SYFLS is a six-year public school jointly built by Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and The People’s Government of Sanya City.

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