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1 asymptomatic infection found in Wuzhishan

August 3rd, 2022, a person with abnormal nucleic acid results was tested at the sampling point of the Wuzhishan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and diagnosed as an asymptomatic COVID infection case. 

Wuzhishan City has launched their emergency plan, implemented isolation control and coordinated inspections for relevant personnel, and implemented control and disinfection measures for relevant places. 

At present, the person has been transferred to the Second People’s Hospital of Hainan Province for medical observation.

The person’s activity trajectory is as follows:

July 27th

07:30 blue cube (Sanya)

18:15 Tianya District, second market industrial and commercial dormitory building (Sanya)

July 28th

Same track as July 27

July 29th

07:30 blue cube (Sanya)

11:00 Tianya District, second market industrial and commercial dormitory building (Sanya)

17:20 Kongji original hou’an flour shop, bread story shop (Wuzhishan)

18:05 Kongji original hou’an powder store (Wuzhishan)

July 30th

10:20-11:20 Tongshi agricultural science station (Wuzhishan)

July 31st

09:55 Kongji original hou’an powder store (Wuzhishan)

10:20 “daily stationery” store (Wuzhishan)

13:00-17:45 first floor of Jin’an building (Wuzhishan)

21:00 industrial and commercial dormitory building of the second market in Tianya district (Sanya)

August 1st

07:30 blue cube (Sanya)

09:00 “Mass Art Museum” (Sanya)

11:00 unit 2, building 13, phase VI, Tongxin homeland (Sanya)

12:00-13:00 Renrenlao (Sanya)

August 2nd

07:30 blue cube (Sanya)

09:20 Sanya maternal and Child Hospital (Sanya)

12:30 the second market in Tianya District, Sanya (Sanya)

13:00 Tiandu gas station (Sanya)

19:00-19:30 Kongji original hou’an powder store (Wuzhishan)

19:30 nucleic acid sampling points of the second provincial hospital (Wuzhishan)

August 3rd

12:00-12:17 nucleic acid sampling point of Central Hospital (Wuzhishan)

17:00-17:30 Tongshi agricultural science station (Wuzhishan)

21:00 transfer to isolation

If any person has the same travel track, please report to the municipal government service hotline 12345 and the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters immediately.

Contact numbers: 0898-86638215 (08:00-18:00), 0898-38629388 (18:00-08:00 the next day); if you have left Wuzhishan City, please report to the local epidemic headquarters or CDC, and cooperate with the implementation of relevant epidemic control measures.

The general public is requested to pay attention to the information released by official and authoritative channels, do not panic, believe in rumours, spread rumours and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work. If you have symptoms such as fever, sore throat, dry cough, etc., please take personal protection, go to the fever clinic in time, and avoid taking public transportation on the way to the doctor.

Wuzhishan City

Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters,

August 4, 2022

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