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Checklist for Application for Work Residence Permit in Hainan Island, China


1. “Accommodation Registration Certificate” issued by the police station (original and photocopy).

一张2寸白底彩色相片 (免冠,需申请人到现场拍摄现场照片,不戴眼镜及饰物,可于受理大厅拍照处拍摄生成)

2. A 2-inch color photo with a white background (without a hat, the applicant needs to take a photo on the spot, without glasses or accessories, it can be taken at the photo booth in the reception hall).

申请人的护照(原件及复印件, 复印件内容包括:资料页,当前有效签证页,最近一次入境中国的入境章页)

3. Applicant’s passport (original and photocopy, the photocopy must include: information page, current valid visa page and entry stamp page for the most recent entry into China.

单位申请书 (请参考样本,加盖单位公章)

4. Unit application form (please refer to the example), and affix with the official seal of the unit


5. Foreigner’s work permit and Haikou Foreign Experts Bureau’s decision to grant administrative license (obtained from the Foreign Experts Bureau, original and copy).

健康体检证明 (延期或省内换工作不需要体检,地址:海南国际旅行卫生保健中心,滨海大道175号,电话:68651113)

6. Health check-up certificate (no check-up is required for extension or job change in the province, address: Hainan International Travel Health Care Center, No. 175 Binhai Avenue, Tel: 68651113)


7. A copy of the company’s business license or the school’s permit and legal person certificate (public schools do not need to provide a school permit) (copy with the official seal of the unit)


8. Company registration documents (for the company which applies for the first time, with stamp on it);


9. Foreigners who entered China without holding the required “Z” or “R” visa issued by the Chinese consulate in their country are required to write a statement on why they don’t hold a “Z” visa to apply for work-type residence permit (please refer to the example) and stamp it.

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