Discover Hainan Episode 1 – An inner Haikou city wetlands walk

In this episode of Discover Hainan, Patrick and Jake go on a Haikou inner-city wetlands walk along the newly redeveloped Wu yuan river. 

If you would like to follow the same route (5KM) as in the video, 海口市秀英区长廊五源河桥 this address will take you to the large bridge. Bus 209 stops a few hundred meters from the bridge.

It is worth stocking up on drinks at the starting point as there aren’t many shops along the route. 

The total length of the walk can be up to 18km, if you were to start further south from the Yongzhuang reservoir 永庄水库。

The route in the video ends at the Wu yuan he national river park, which is at the beach. From here bus numbers: 28, 35, 37, 40, 57 and 86 run back into town.

The Discover Hainan videos series has been brought to you, to offer practical information on where to go and what to do around Hainan. If you have any suggestions for the videos or where Discover Hainan should go next, feel free to send a message into The Haikou Guide public account.

Look out for episode two, when Discover Hainan visits the volcano park. 

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