Discover Hainan Episode 5 – Yanoda Rain forest and Glass Bridge

In episodes 5 & 6, Jake and Patrick head off to Wuzhishan for a Discover Hainan two-part special, in part 1 (episode 5) they visit Yanoda glass bridge, Rainforest Park and zip line, and in part 2 (episode 6) they head off into the Wuzhishan mountains for some white water rafting.

It is possible to get to Yanoda by taking the Sanya inner city tourist bus from Sanya train station to San dao farm intersection 在三道农场路口下 from the intersection it’s a few hundred meters walk to the park entrance. The bus costs around 13 yuan and departs every 20 – 30 minutes. Buses run from 0700 – 16:30 daily. 

It is also possible to take the number 1& 2 shuttle bus from the

Junyi Hotel 君澜酒店 (no 1) & Pearl hotel 明珠酒店 (no 2).

Bus 1 departs at 0800 and 0900 and returns at 1500 and 1730 

Bus 2 departs at 0900 and returns at 1600

[baidu_map id=”map_1563323470″ zl=”11″ nm=”0″ w=”100%” h=”100% lat=”18.447985 ” lon=”109.654168″ biz_name=”” address=”Yanoda” email=”” phone=””]

Address of park: 呀诺达雨林文化旅游区 Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Area

Ya nuò dá yǔlín wénhuà lǚyóu qū 

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