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Eight best observation points for the Wenchang rocket launch according to China National Space administration

According to the China National Space administration here are the eight best locations to watch the Wenchang rocket launch.

Here are the eight best observation points for the Wenchang rocket launch according to China National Space administration.

Wenchang Stone Park:

Wenchang Stone Park is located in Longlou Town, Wenchang City, close to Wenchang Rocket Satellite Launch Centre, where you can not only experience the natural beauty of Wenchang, but also watch the spectacular rocket launch. Centred on Tonggu Ridge, it is the easternmost corner of Hainan. The park is 2km long along the coast. It is a sea-eroded landform formed by rocks that were raised from the surface by orogeny (a process in which a section of the earth’s crust is folded and deformed by lateral compression to form a mountain range), tens of thousands of years ago.

Wenchang Qiaotou Park:

Wenchang Qiaotou Park, located in the west of Qinglan Bridge, Wenchang City, is a square park integrating leisure, entertainment and sightseeing. In order to allow locals and tourists watch the rocket launch, Qiaotou Park has set up a rocket launch viewing platform.

There is a 60 square meter LED display screen set in the northeast corner of the park, for viewing the rocket launch and a large open-air parking lot. It is understood that the Qiaotou Park parking lot can hold 293 cars and 10 buses and accommodate up to 4000 people 

Wenchang Aerospace Science Centre:

Wenchang Space Science Centre, located in Longlou Town, Wenchang City, is a tourism facility project at the entrance of Wenchang Space Launch Centre. There are two ways to visit, one is online booking through Wenchang Aerospace Tourism Network, and the other is on-site ticket purchase.

The parking lot can accommodate 674 cars and 70 buses, with an area of ​​47,000 square meters. It can accommodate up to 3,000 people at full capacity.

Beach at Shanhaitian Convention and Exhibition Center, Longlou town

Shanhaitian Convention and Exhibition Center is located at No.1 Gusong Road, diamond Avenue, Longlou Town, Wenchang City. The parking lot can hold 200 cars, 10 medium buses and 10 large buses. 7,000 people can enter the venue to watch the rocket launch at the same time. It is the largest venu among the eight viewing points.

Tianfu yunlongwan resort, Longlou town:

Hainan Tianfu yunlongwan resort is located in Longlou Town, Wenchang City. It is located in Tongguling National Nature Reserve, the “first peak in Qiongdong”. It is close to Wenchang satellite launch base. It is an excellent viewing point to watch the rocket take off.

According to the resort staff, Tianfu Yunlong Bay is the closest viewing point from the rocket launch site. Its parking lot can park 200 cars, 5 medium buses and 5 buses, and can accommodate up to 800 people.

Hilton Beach Hotel:

The Hilton Hotel is located at No.28 Ziwei Road, Longlou Town, Wenchang City, covering an area of 50 mu. The parking lot can hold 10 cars and accommodate approximately 4,000 people.

The Wenchang Luneng Shanhaitian Hotel:

The Wenchang Luneng Shanhaitian Hotel, is located next to the Hilton Hotel. Here you can watch the rocket launch up close from your hotel room or on the beach.

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