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Hainan Free Trade Port Tax Benefits for Tourism, Modern Services, and High-Tech Industries

The “Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port” clearly states that “income obtained from new overseas direct investment made by tourism, modern service, and high-tech industry enterprises established in the Hainan Free Trade Port before 2025 will be exempt from corporate income tax.”

The release of the “Corporate Income Tax Catalogue for Tourism, Modern Service, and High-tech Industry Enterprises in Hainan Free Trade Port” serves as the specific basis for implementing this policy, further advancing the objectives outlined in the “Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.”

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01 What does this directory include?

The directory encompasses three major industries: high-tech industry, tourism, and modern services. Specifically, the high-tech industry consists of 324 items across 36 categories, tourism comprises 14 items in 6 categories, and modern services encompass 131 items in 22 categories. It’s a broad coverage, benefiting numerous businesses!

02 What benefits can enterprises included in this directory enjoy?

Enterprises registered and substantially operating in the Hainan Free Trade Port, with their main business falling under the directory’s projects, are exempt from corporate income tax on income derived from new overseas direct investment made before 2025.

03 What constitutes income from new overseas direct investment?

  1. Profits obtained from newly established overseas branches or dividends corresponding to new overseas direct investment from overseas subsidiaries with a shareholding exceeding 20%.
  2. The statutory corporate income tax rate of the invested country (region) is not less than 5%.

The tourism, modern service industry, and high-tech industries mentioned in Article 2 of the “Notice of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on Preferential Corporate Income Tax Policies for the Hainan Free Trade Port” (Finance and Taxation [2020] No. 31) shall be implemented in accordance with this catalogue. Among them, foreign-invested enterprises are encouraged to implement the industries in the foreign investment industry catalogue in accordance with this catalogue.

This catalogue is effective from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2024.

High-tech industry

  1. Industries in the Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment

  (1) Agriculture and forestry

  1. Selection, breeding, conservation and development of fine varieties of animals and plants (including wild); biological breeding; development and application of seed (seedling) production, processing, packaging, inspection and identification technology and warehousing and transportation equipment

  2. Development and application of new diagnostic reagents, vaccines and low-toxicity and low-residue veterinary drugs (including veterinary biological products) and new technologies for animal diseases

  3. Development and application of digital (information) agriculture, forestry and grass technology

  (2) New energy

  4. Development and application of solar thermal power generation collection systems, solar photovoltaic power generation system integration technology, and development and manufacturing of inverter control systems

  5. Development and application of complementary system technologies for hydrogen energy, wind power and photovoltaic power generation

  6. Development and application of non-food biomass fuel production technologies such as biomass cellulose ethanol and biofuels (diesel, gasoline, aviation kerosene)

  7. Biomass direct combustion and gasification power generation technology development and equipment manufacturing

  8. Ocean energy and geothermal energy utilization technology development and equipment manufacturing

  9. Technology development and equipment manufacturing of offshore wind turbines of 5MW and above

  10. Offshore wind farm construction and equipment and submarine cable manufacturing

  11. Energy Internet technologies and equipment such as energy routing and energy trading

  12. Development and application of high-efficiency hydrogen production, hydrogen transportation and high-density hydrogen storage technology and equipment manufacturing, hydrogenation stations and vehicle clean alternative fuel filling stations

  13. Development and application of new mobile energy technologies

  14. Development and application of complementary technologies for traditional energy and new energy power generation

  (3) Nuclear energy

  15. Construction and technology development of advanced nuclear reactors and multi-purpose modular small reactors

  (4) Steel

  16. High-performance bearing steel, high-performance gear steel, high-performance cold bracelet steel, high-performance alloy spring steel, steel for advanced rail transit equipment, steel for energy-saving and new energy vehicles, low iron loss and high magnetic induction oriented electrical steel, High-performance tool and die steel, high-strength earthquake-resistant steel bars, steel plates and sections for building structures, ultra-high-strength steel for bridge cables, high-performance pipeline steel, high-performance wear-resistant steel, high-performance corrosion-resistant steel, high-strength and high-toughness engineering machinery Steel, steel for marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, special steel for power equipment, high-quality special steel for oil and gas drilling, high-performance stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, high-ductility cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, non-quenched and tempered steel, automobiles, etc. High-strength steel for the machinery industry, high-purity, high-quality alloy powder, composite steel, high-purity high-performance steel for semiconductors

  (5) Medicine

  17. The development and production of new drugs with independent intellectual property rights, the development and production of natural drugs, the first development and production of generic drugs that meet the needs for the prevention and treatment of major and multiple diseases in my country, the development of new drug dosage forms, new excipients, children’s drugs, and shortage drugs and production, the development and application of membrane separation, supercritical extraction, new crystallization, chiral synthesis, enzymatic synthesis, continuous reaction, system control and other technologies in the drug production process, the improvement and cost reduction of basic drug quality and production technology, raw materials Energy-saving, consumption- and emission-reducing technologies for pharmaceutical production, and development and application of new pharmaceutical preparation technologies

  18. Vaccines for the prevention and treatment of major diseases, antibody drugs, gene therapy drugs, cell therapy drugs, recombinant protein drugs, nucleic acid drugs, large-scale cell culture and purification technology, large-scale pharmaceutical peptide and nucleic acid synthesis, antibody conjugation, serum-free and protein-free Development and application of culture media, fermentation, and purification technologies, enzyme preparations such as cellulase, alkaline protease, and diagnostic enzymes, and the use of modern biotechnology to transform traditional production processes

  19. Development and production of new pharmaceutical packaging materials and technologies (neutral borosilicate medicinal glass, functional materials with good chemical stability, degradability, and high barrier properties, aerosols, powder sprays, self-administration , pre-filling, automatic mixing and other new packaging drug delivery systems and drug delivery devices)

  20. Development of artificial breeding technologies for endangered and scarce medicinal animals and plants, standardized breeding of experimental animals and animal experimental services, application of advanced agricultural technology in standardized planting and breeding of Chinese medicinal materials, development and application of new technologies for quality control of Chinese medicines, and technology of modern dosage forms of Chinese medicines Technology, inheritance and innovation of processing technology of traditional Chinese medicine pieces, development and production of classic traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, research and development and production of innovative traditional Chinese medicine drugs, secondary development and production of Chinese patent medicines, development and production of ethnic medicines

  21. New medical diagnostic equipment and reagents, digital medical imaging equipment, artificial intelligence-assisted medical equipment, high-end radiotherapy equipment, electronic endoscopes, surgical robots and other high-end surgical equipment, new stents, prostheses and other high-end implant intervention equipment and materials And the development and application of additive manufacturing technology, life support equipment for critical illness, mobile and remote diagnosis and treatment equipment, new gene, protein and cell diagnostic equipment

  22. Development and production of high-end pharmaceutical equipment, new preparation production equipment such as transdermal absorption and powder spray, large-scale bioreactors and ancillary systems, efficient protein separation and purification equipment, efficient extraction equipment for traditional Chinese medicine, continuous pharmaceutical production technology and equipment

  (6) Machinery

  23. High-end CNC machine tools and supporting CNC systems: five-axis and above linkage CNC machine tools, CNC systems, high-precision and high-performance cutting tools, measuring instruments and abrasive grinding tools

  24. Robots and integrated systems: special service robots, medical rehabilitation robots, public service robots, personal service robots, human-machine collaborative robots, dual-arm robots, arc welding robots, heavy-duty AGVs, special inspection and assembly robot integrated systems, etc. Key components for robots: high-precision reducers, high-performance servo motors and drives, fully autonomous programming and other high-performance controllers, sensors, end effectors, etc. Common robot technologies: inspection, testing, assessment and certification, intelligent robot operating system, intelligent robot cloud service platform

  (7) Urban rail transit equipment

  25. Lightweight application of car body, bogie, gearbox and interior decoration materials

  26. Fully automatic operation system (FAO), train autonomous operation system (TACS) based on train-to-train communication, intelligent operation and maintenance system

  (8) Cars

  27. Building research and development capabilities for smart vehicles, new energy vehicles and key components, and high-efficiency vehicle internal combustion engines

  28. Key components and technologies of smart cars: sensors, on-board chips, central processing units, on-board operating systems and information control systems, vehicle network communication system equipment, visual recognition systems, high-precision positioning devices, wire-controlled chassis systems, and smart vehicles Safety glass; new intelligent terminal modules, multi-core heterogeneous intelligent computing platform technology, high-precision positioning and mapping technology for all-weather complex traffic scenarios, sensor fusion perception technology, key vehicle wireless communication technologies, basic cloud control platform technology; new security isolation architecture technology , software and hardware collaborative attack identification technology, terminal chip security encryption and application software security protection technology, wireless communication security encryption technology, secure communication and authentication and authorization technology, data encryption technology; test and evaluation system architecture research and development, virtual simulation, real vehicle road testing, etc. Technology and verification tools, vehicle-level and system-level test and evaluation methods, test basic database construction

  (9) Ships

  29. Development of smart ships, unmanned ships and related intelligent systems and equipment, and development of technical equipment for safe operation supervision of ships throughout their lifespan

  30. Pure electric and natural gas ships; alternative fuel, hybrid, pure electric, fuel cell and other motor vehicle and ship technologies; hybrid and plug-in hybrid special engines to optimize powertrain system matching

  (10) Aerospace

  31. Aviation engine development and manufacturing

  32. System development and manufacturing of airborne equipment, mission equipment, air traffic control equipment and ground support equipment

  33. Development and manufacturing of helicopter overall, rotor system, and transmission system

  34. Development and production of new materials for aerospace use

  35. Gas turbine manufacturing for aerospace

  36. Satellite, launch vehicle and parts manufacturing

  37. Development and production of aviation and aerospace technology applications and system software and hardware products and terminal products

  38. Development and manufacturing of aircraft ground simulation training systems and test systems

  39. Development and manufacturing of aircraft ground maintenance, maintenance and testing equipment

  40. Satellite ground and application system construction and equipment manufacturing

  41. Development and application of aircraft-specific emergency rescue equipment

  42. Aircraft, equipment and parts maintenance

  43. Development and production of advanced satellite payloads

  44. Development and manufacturing of UAV overall, materials, communications, control systems, etc.

  45. Development and production of solar cells for aerospace use

(11) Light industry

  46. ​​New plastic building materials (high airtight energy-saving plastic windows, large-diameter drainage and sewage pipes, impact-resistant modified polyvinyl chloride pipes, polyethylene pipes for ground source heat pump systems, non-excavation plastic pipes, composite plastic pipes, plastic Inspection wells); anti-seepage geomembranes; plastic-wood composite materials and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes and plates with a molecular weight > 2 million.

  47. Special ceramic production and technology and equipment development used in industry, medicine, electronics, aerospace and other fields; ceramic clean production and comprehensive utilization technology development

  (12) Textile

  48. Promotion and application of biological degumming, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-free sizing, water-less and energy-saving printing and dyeing processing in the textile industry, efficient management of “three wastes” and resource recycling and reuse technologies

  (13) Architecture

  49. Research, development and promotion of energy-saving buildings, green buildings, prefabricated building technologies and products

  (14) Information industry

  50. Large and medium-sized electronic computers, exascale high-performance computers, portable microcomputers, high-end servers with one trillion operations per second and above, large-scale simulation systems, large-scale industrial control machines and controller manufacturing

  51. Integrated circuit design, integrated circuit manufacturing with line width below 0.8 microns, and ball grid array packaging (BGA), pin grid array packaging (PGA), chip scale packaging (CSP), multi-chip packaging (MCM), grid Advanced packaging and testing such as array packaging (LGA), system-in-package (SIP), flip-chip packaging (FC), wafer-level packaging (WLP), sensor packaging (MEMS), etc.

  52. Integrated circuit equipment manufacturing

  53. Manufacturing of new electronic components (chip components, frequency components, hybrid integrated circuits, power electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, sensitive components and sensors, new electromechanical components, high-density printed circuit boards and flexible circuit boards, etc.)

  54. Semiconductors, optoelectronic devices, new electronic components (chip components, power electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, sensitive components and sensors, new electromechanical components, high-frequency microwave printed circuit boards, high-speed communication circuit boards, flexible circuit boards , high-performance copper-clad laminates, etc.) and other materials for electronic products

  55. Digital system (software) development and application: intelligent equipment embedded software, distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC), data acquisition and monitoring (SCADA), advanced control system (APC) and other industries Control system; manufacturing execution system (MES), computer-aided design (CAD), auxiliary engineering (CAE), process planning (CAPP), product life cycle management (PLM), industrial cloud platform, industrial APP and other industrial software; energy management System (EMS), Building Information Modeling (BIM) system and other special systems

  56. Semiconductor lighting equipment, photovoltaic solar energy equipment, chip component equipment, new power battery equipment, surface mount equipment (including stencil printing machines, automatic patch machines, lead-free reflow soldering, photoelectric automatic inspection instruments), etc.

  57. Thin film field effect transistor LCD (TFT-LCD), organic light-emitting diode (OLED), electronic paper display, laser display, 3D display and other new flat-panel display devices, glass substrate for liquid crystal panel industry, cover glass for electronic and information industry and other key components and materials

  58. Manufacturing of new (non-dispersive) single-mode optical fiber and optical fiber preform

  59. Audio and video codec equipment, audio and video broadcast transmitting equipment, digital TV studio equipment, digital TV system equipment, digital TV broadcast single frequency network equipment, digital TV receiving equipment, digital camcorders, digital video recorders, and digital TV products

  60. Development and manufacturing of network security products, data security products, and special equipment for network monitoring

  61. Technology development and manufacturing of smart mobile terminal products and key components

  62. Doppler radar technology and equipment manufacturing

  63. Manufacturing of medical electronics, health electronics, bioelectronics, automotive electronics, power electronics, financial electronics, aerospace instrumentation electronics, image sensors, sensor electronics and other products

  64. Wireless LAN technology development and equipment manufacturing

  65. Satellite navigation chips, system technology development and equipment manufacturing

  66.Construction of emergency radio and television systems

  67. Quantum communication equipment

  68. Special equipment for the production of new display devices such as thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD), light emitting diode (LED), organic light emitting diode display (OLED), electronic paper display, laser display, 3D display, etc.’

  69. Semiconductor lighting substrates, epitaxy, chips, packaging and materials (including high-efficiency heat dissipation copper-clad laminates, thermally conductive glue, thermally conductive silicone sheets), etc.

  70. Development system for digital content products such as digital music, mobile media, animation games, etc.

  71. Development and application of anti-counterfeiting technology

  72. Core chips and related software of nuclear power instrumentation and control systems

  73. Big data, cloud computing, information technology services and blockchain information services within the scope of national permission

  74. Industrial Internet network, platform, security hardware equipment manufacturing and software system development and integrated innovative applications, industrial Internet equipment security, control security, network security, platform security and data security related technology product development and application, industrial Internet network construction and transformation , construction and promotion of identification analysis system, construction and application of industrial cloud service platform

  75. Next-generation private network communication equipment such as broadband digital trunking equipment, 230MHz frequency band broadband wireless data transmission equipment using time division duplex (TDD) carrier aggregation, direct-connect communication equipment based on LTE-V2X wireless communication technology, etc. Internet of Vehicles Wireless communication equipment

  76. Research and integrated application of air-ground integrated acquisition technology of disaster scene information

  77. Research and manufacturing of quantum, brain-inspired and other new mechanism computer systems

  78. Advanced various types of solar photovoltaic cells and high-purity crystalline silicon materials (the comprehensive power consumption of polycrystalline silicon is less than 65kWh/kg, the conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells is greater than 22.5%, the conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon cells is greater than 21.5%, Qihua The conversion efficiency of cadmium batteries is greater than 17%, and the conversion efficiency of copper-solium-selenium batteries is greater than 18%)

  (15) Artificial intelligence

  79. Artificial Intelligence Chip

  80. Industrial Internet, public systems, digital software, intelligent equipment system integration technology and applications

  81. Intelligent infrastructure such as network infrastructure, big data infrastructure, and high-efficiency computing infrastructure

  82. Research, development and application of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), speech semantic image recognition, multi-sensor information fusion and other technologies

  83. Typical industry application systems such as unmanned autonomous systems

  84. Artificial Intelligence Standard Testing and Intellectual Property Service Platform

  85. Key technical equipment for intelligent manufacturing, transformation of intelligent manufacturing factories and parks

  86. Intelligent human-computer interaction system

  87. Wearable devices, smart robots, smart homes

  88. Intelligent medical care, medical image-assisted diagnosis system

  89. Intelligent security, video image identification system

  90. Intelligent transportation, intelligent vehicles

  91. Intelligent education

  92. Smart City

93. Smart Agriculture

2. Industries in the catalogue of industries that encourage foreign investment

  (1) Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery

  1. Cultivation and development of new plant varieties dedicated to high-yielding and efficient silage

  2. Planting and breeding of Chinese medicinal materials

  3. Comprehensive utilization of crop straw resources and development and production of organic fertilizer resources

  4. Development and application of standardized scale breeding technology for livestock and poultry

  (2) Mining industry

  5. Development and application of new technologies to improve the utilization rate of mine tailings and comprehensive application of mine ecological restoration technology

  (3) Agricultural and sideline food processing industry

  6. Development and production of safe, efficient and environmentally friendly feed and feed additives (containing vitamins and methionine), and alternative antibacterial drugs for animal growth promotion

  (4) Textile industry

  7. Adopt digital intelligent printing and dyeing technology and equipment, dyeing and finishing clean production technology (enzyme

  Treatment, high-efficiency short-process pre-treatment, continuous open-width pre-treatment of knitted fabrics, low-temperature pre-treatment and dyeing, low-salt or no-salt dyeing, low-urea printing, small liquor ratio airflow or gas-liquid dyeing, digital inkjet printing, foam finishing, etc. ), functional finishing technology, new dyeing processing technology, composite fabric processing technology, production of high-end textile fabrics; development and application of intelligent cheese dyeing technology and equipment

  8. Processing technology and product production of natural fibers such as special animal fiber, hemp fiber, mulberry silk, colored cotton, and colored mulberry cocoon silk that meet environmental protection requirements

  (5) Chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry

  9. Fine chemicals: new catalyst products and new technologies, dye (pigment) commercial processing technology, electronic chemicals and paper chemicals, leather chemicals (except NN dimethylformamide), oil field auxiliaries, surfactants , water treatment agents, adhesives, sealants, adhesive tapes, production of inorganic fibers and inorganic nanomaterials, pigment coating processing and deep processing

  10. Production of water-based inks, low-volatile inks such as electron beam curing and ultraviolet curing, and environmentally friendly organic solvents

  11. Hydrogen fuel production, storage, transportation and liquefaction

  12. Development and production of inorganic, organic and biofilms for environmental protection

  13. Development and production of new fertilizers: high-concentration potash fertilizers, compound microbial inoculants, compound microbial fertilizers, straw and garbage decomposing agents, and special functional microbial preparations

  14. Development and production of new pesticide varieties, new dosage forms, special intermediates, and auxiliaries that are efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly, as well as the development and application of related clean production processes, and the production of chiral and three-dimensional structural pesticides by directional synthesis.

  15. Production of organic polymer materials: aircraft skin paint, rare earth bell sulfide red dye, lead-free electronic packaging materials, special series of photolithography slurries for color plasma displays, small diameter and large specific surface area microfibers, high-precision fuel Filter paper, lithium-ion battery separator, surface treatment self-healing materials, superhydrophobic nano-coating materials

  (6) Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

  16. Production of new compound drugs or active ingredient drugs (including raw materials and preparations)

  17. New anti-cancer drugs. Development and production of new cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs and new nervous system drugs

  18. Production of new drugs using bioengineering technology

  19. Production of AIDS vaccines, hepatitis C vaccines, contraceptive vaccines, and new vaccines for cervical cancer, malaria, hand, foot and mouth disease, etc.

  20. Pharmaceutical preparation production: new dosage forms and products using new technologies such as sustained release, controlled release, targeting, and transdermal absorption.

  21. Development and production of new pharmaceutical excipients

  22. Production of animal-specific antibacterial raw materials (including antibiotics and chemical synthesis)

  23. Production of new products and dosage forms of veterinary antibacterial drugs, anthelmintics, insecticides, and anti-coccidioidal drugs

  24. Development and production of new diagnostic reagents

  25. Research, development and production of cell therapy drugs (except areas where foreign investment is prohibited)

  26. Development and production of new key raw materials and large-scale cell culture products for the production of vaccines, cell therapy drugs, etc.

  (7) Chemical fiber manufacturing industry

  27. Continuous copolymerization modification of differentiated and functional polyester (PET) [cationic dye-dyeable polyester (CDP, ECDP), alkali-soluble polyester (COPET), high shrinkage polyester

  (HSPET), flame retardant polyester, low melting point polyester, amorphous polyester, biodegradable polyester, polyester produced using green catalysts, etc.]; flame retardant, antistatic, anti-UV, antibacterial, phase change energy storage , research and development of efficient and flexible preparation technology for differentiated and functional chemical fibers such as photochromism and dope coloring; production of intelligent, super-simulation and other functional chemical fibers; original development of green, efficient and environmentally friendly oil production for high-speed spinning processing

  28. Development and production of high-performance fibers and products: carbon fiber (CF), aramid fiber (AF), aramid fiber (PSA), ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE), polyphenylenethiodine fiber (PPS), polyethylene fiber Imide fiber (PI), polytetrafluoroethylene fiber (PTFE), polybenzobisoxane fiber (PBO), polyaryloxine fiber (POD), basalt fiber (BF), silicon carbide fiber (SiCF) , polyester enzyme ketone fiber (PEEK), high-strength glass fiber (HT-AR), poly(2,5-dihydroxy-1,4-phenylenepipidodiimido) (PIPD) fiber

  29. Production of new polyesters for fiber and non-fiber applications: polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT), polyethylene terephthalate (PEN), polycyclohexane dimethyl terephthalate

  Alcohol ester (PCT), glycol modified polyethylene terephthalate (PETG)

  30. Utilize new renewable resources and green environmentally friendly processes to produce biomass fibers, including new solvent-based cellulose fibers (Lyocell), regenerated cellulose fibers made from bamboo, hemp, etc., polylactic acid fiber (PLA), chitin fiber, Polyhydroxyalkanoate fiber (PHA), animal and plant protein fiber, etc.

  (8) Rubber and plastic products industry

  31. Development, production and application of biodegradable plastics and their products

  32. Development and production of new photoecological multifunctional wide-width agricultural films and pollution-free degradable agricultural films

  (9) Non-metallic mineral products industry

  33. Development and production of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, waste-recycling, lightweight, high-strength, high-performance, multi-functional building materials

  34. Use plastic instead of steel, plastic instead of wood, energy-saving and efficient production of chemical building materials

  35. Development and production of new technical functional glass: electromagnetic wave shielding glass, glass substrates for microelectronics, infrared-transmitting lead-free chalcogenide glass and products, electronic-grade large-size quartz glass products (tubes, plates, ground vortices, instruments and vessels, etc.), Multifunctional windshields with excellent optical properties (light transmittance 270%), coated privacy windshields, soundproof windshields, solar windshields, conductive color-changing windshields, electric heated windshields, head-up display windshields, extreme materials and products for information technology (Including waveguide-grade high-precision optical fiber preform quartz glass sleeve and ceramic substrate), high-purity (>99.998%) ultra-pure (>99.999%) crystal raw material purification and processing

  36. Production of conductive glass for thin film batteries, solar concentrator glass, and conductive glass for construction

  37. Production of optical fibers and products: image transmission beams and laser medical optical fibers, ultra-second and third-generation microchannel plates, optical fiber panels, inverters and glass light cones

  38. Production of long-life, energy-saving and environmentally friendly (non-glazed) refractory materials for kilns such as cement, electronic glass, ceramics, microporous carbon bricks, etc.

  39. Porous ceramic production

  40. Production of new inorganic non-metallic materials and products: composite materials, special ceramics, special sealing materials (including high-speed oil seal materials), special friction materials (including high-speed friction braking products), special gelling materials, special latex materials, hydroacoustics Rubber products, nanomaterials

  41. Production of organic-inorganic composite foam insulation materials, high-performance energy-saving insulation materials for buildings, and insulation and isolation materials for modern centralized agriculture and breeding industries.

  42. Production of high-tech composite materials: continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites and prepregs, process auxiliary materials for molding of temperature-resistant >300C resin-based composite materials, biodegradable resin-based composite materials, resin-based composite materials for additive manufacturing, Resin-based composite materials (including sporting goods, lightweight and high-strength transportation components), special functional composite materials and products (including deep-water and diving composite products, medical and rehabilitation composite products), carbon/carbon composite materials, high-performance ceramics Base composite materials and products, metal-based and glass-based composite materials and products, metal layered composite materials and products, ultra-high pressure composite hoses with pressure >320MPa, large passenger aircraft aviation tires, polyester structural foam materials (used for lightweight and high-strength transportation Tool parts, wind turbine blade core materials, construction and building materials, etc.)

  43. Production of precision high-performance ceramic raw materials: silicon carbide (SiC) ultrafine powder (purity>99%, average particle size 99%, average particle size Clpni), high-purity ultrafine alumina powder (purity>99.9%, average particle size Clpni) <0.5gm), low-temperature sintering aluminum oxide (ZrO2) powder (sintering temperature <1350°C). High-purity aluminum nitride (A1N) powder (purity>99%, average particle size <1μm), rutile type TiO2 powder (purity>98.5%), white carbon black (particle size 99%, particle size <1(11)

  44. Development and production of high-quality artificial crystals and crystal film products: high-quality synthetic crystals (piezoelectric crystals and ultraviolet-transmitting crystals), superhard crystals (cubic boron nitride crystals), high-temperature resistant and high-insulation synthetic insulating crystals ( Synthetic mica), new electro-optical crystals, high-power laser crystals and large-sized scintillation crystals, diamond film tools, ultra-thin artificial diamond saw blades with a thickness of 0.3mm and below

  45. Use new dry process cement kilns and sintered wall materials to produce harmless solid waste

  46. ​​Development and application of new technologies for comprehensive utilization of non-metal mine tailings and mine ecological restoration

  (10) Non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling industry

  47. Production of high-tech non-ferrous metal materials and products: compound semiconductor materials (phosphide, phosphide, phosphate steel, nitride), high-temperature superconducting materials, memory alloy materials (titanium, copper-based and iron-based memory Alloy materials), ultrafine (nano) calcium carbide and ultrafine (nano) crystal cemented carbide, superhard composite materials, precious metal composite materials, light metal composite materials, aluminum foil for radiators, aluminum foil for medium and high voltage cathode capacitors, aluminum foil for lithium battery electrodes , electrolytic copper foil, large and complex cross-section aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum alloy precision die forgings, electrified railway overhead wires, ultra-thin copper strips, corrosion-resistant heat exchanger copper alloy materials, high-performance copper shackles, copper-iron alloy strips, chamfered copper Belt, wire, tube and rod processing materials, high temperature resistant and anti-aging calcium wire, magnesium alloy castings, lead-free solder, magnesium alloy and its application products, aluminum foam, titanium alloy smelting and processing, atomic energy level sponge, pigeon and key deep processing product

  48. Processing of rare earth high-end application products that meet the requirements of new rare earth materials

  (11) Metal products industry

  49. R&D and manufacturing of lightweight and environmentally friendly new materials for aviation, aerospace, ships, automobiles, and motorcycles (special aluminum plates, aluminum-magnesium alloy materials, motorcycle aluminum alloy frames, etc.)

  (12) General equipment manufacturing industry

  50. Manufacturing of high-end CNC machine tools and key components: five-axis linkage CNC machine tools, CNC coordinate machining centers, CNC coordinate grinders

  51. Manufacturing of large-scale (furnace capacity is more than 1 ton) multi-functional controlled atmosphere heat treatment equipment, program-controlled chemical heat treatment equipment, program-controlled multi-functional vacuum heat treatment equipment, vacuum heat treatment equipment with a furnace capacity of more than 500 kg, and full-fiber lining heat treatment heating furnaces

  52. FTL flexible production line manufacturing

  53. Development and manufacturing of robots and industrial robot complete systems, high-precision reducers for robots, high-performance servo motors and drives, fully autonomous programming and other high-performance controllers, sensors, end effectors, and industrial intelligent gateways

  54. High-end precision tool manufacturing, nanocomposite coating and high-end processing equipment manufacturing

  55. Manufacturing of wheeled and crawler hoisting machinery of 400 tons and above

  56. Manufacturing of integral hydraulic multi-way valves with operating pressure >25MPa and electro-hydraulic proportional servo components

  57. Design and manufacturing of valve islands, pneumatic solenoid valves with power below 0.35W, and high-frequency electronically controlled gas valves above 200Hz

  58. Production of valves with temperatures below T20C or above 530°C

  59. Design and manufacturing of hydrostatic drive devices

  60. Development and manufacturing of non-contact gas film seals with pressures above 1 OMPa and dry gas seals with pressures above 1 OMPa (including experimental devices)

  61. Design and manufacture of pneumatic actuators with repeatability less than or equal to 0.03 degrees and axial runout less than or equal to 0.02mm

  62. Manufacturing of noise and vibration pollution control equipment: sound barriers, mufflers, damping spring isolators

  63. Equipment development and manufacturing of polymer materials for automobiles (friction plates, modified phenolic pistons, non-metallic hydraulic master pumps, etc.)

  64. Third generation and above car wheel hub bearings, medium and high-end CNC machine tools and machining center bearings, high-speed wire rod and plate rolling mill bearings, high-speed railway bearings, low-noise bearings with vibration values ​​below Z4, P4 and P2 level bearings of various types of bearings, wind power Generator set bearings, aviation bearings, aircraft engine bearings and other aviation bearings, medical CT machine bearings, deep and ultra-deep well oil drilling rig bearings, marine engineering bearings, high-speed bearings for electric vehicle drive motor systems (speed >12,000 rpm), industrial robots RV reducer harmonic reducer bearing manufacturing

  65. Manufacturing of high-density, high-precision, complex-shaped powder metallurgy parts and chains for automobiles, engineering machinery, etc.

  66. Manufacturing of high-precision, high-strength (level 12.9 or above), special-shaped, and combined fasteners.

  67. Manufacturing of micro precision transmission couplings (clutches)

  68. Remanufacturing of machine tools, engineering machinery, railway locomotive equipment and other mechanical equipment, remanufacturing of automobile parts, remanufacturing of high-end medical equipment and key components such as medical imaging equipment, remanufacturing of office equipment such as copy machines

  69. Film machinery manufacturing: 2K and 4K digital film projectors, digital film cameras, digital image production and editing equipment

  70. Construction and equipment manufacturing of port reception and disposal facilities for ship pollutants, construction and equipment manufacturing of port emergency facilities for hazardous chemicals and oil products

  (13) Special equipment manufacturing industry

  71. Manufacturing of oil exploration, drilling, and gathering and transportation equipment: floating drilling systems and floating production systems with working water depths greater than 1,500 meters and supporting submarine oil production and gathering and transportation equipment

  72. Shale gas equipment manufacturing

  73. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving on-site spray-on-site polyurethane waterproofing and insulation system equipment, polyurethane sealant preparation technology and equipment, modified silicone sealant preparation technology and production equipment manufacturing

  74. Design and manufacturing of special production equipment for automobile power batteries

  75. Design and manufacturing of precision molds (stamping mold accuracy higher than 0.02 mm, cavity mold accuracy higher than 0.05 mm)

  76. Manufacturing of new papermaking machinery (including pulp) and other complete sets of equipment

  77. Soil pollution control and remediation equipment manufacturing

  78. Agricultural machinery manufacturing: agricultural facilities and equipment (automatic greenhouse irrigation equipment, automatic nutrient solution configuration and fertilization equipment, high-efficiency vegetable seedling equipment, soil nutrient analysis instruments), supporting tractors and supporting agricultural tools with an engine power of more than 200 kilowatts, low fuel consumption, low noise Emission diesel engines, sprayers with residual mist recovery devices for large tractors, high-performance rice transplanters, cotton pickers and cotton picking tables, self-propelled corn combine harvesters suitable for various row spacings (hydraulic drive or mechanical drive ), peanut harvester, rapeseed harvester, sugarcane harvester, sugar beet harvester, self-propelled grape harvester

  79. Manufacturing of forestry disaster monitoring equipment: forest area rapid rescue equipment, high-precision navigation and positioning equipment, drone fire and disaster monitoring and early warning equipment, fire extinguishing and pest control equipment

  80. Manufacturing of crop straw collection, bundling and comprehensive utilization equipment

  81. Resource utilization of agricultural waste and manufacturing of equipment for resource utilization of large-scale livestock and poultry breeding waste

  82. Manufacturing of fertilizer-saving, pesticide-saving, and water-saving agricultural technology equipment

  83. Electronic endoscope manufacturing

  84. Manufacturing of fundus cameras

  85. Manufacturing of medical imaging equipment (high-field superconducting magnetic resonance imaging equipment, X-ray computed tomography equipment, digital color ultrasound diagnostic equipment, etc.), medical imaging intelligent auxiliary diagnosis systems and key components

  86. Medical ultrasound transducer (3D) manufacturing

  87. Manufacturing of boron neutron capture therapy equipment’

  88. Manufacturing of image-guided conformal intensity-modulated radiotherapy system

  89. Manufacturing of hemodialysis machines and blood filtration machines

  90. Manufacturing of fully automatic biochemical monitoring equipment, five-classification blood cell analyzers, fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoanalyzers, and high-throughput gene sequencing systems

  91. New technologies and new equipment manufacturing for pharmaceutical quality control

  92. New technologies for effective substance analysis of natural medicines, new extraction processes, and new equipment development and manufacturing

  93. R&D and manufacturing of biomedical supporting consumables production equipment

  94. Manufacturing of multi-layer co-extrusion water-cooled film blow molding equipment for non-PVC medical infusion bags

  95. Artificial intelligence-assisted medical equipment manufacturing

  96. High-end radiotherapy equipment manufacturing

  97. Manufacturing of high-end surgical instruments, physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment, and wearable intelligent health equipment

  98. Manufacturing of life support equipment for critical illness

  99. Manufacturing of mobile and remote diagnosis and treatment equipment

  100. Manufacturing of ventilators, ECMO, monitors, and PCR machines

  101. Development and production of minimally invasive surgical medical equipment: 3D imaging, electron microscope systems, surgical robots, robotic arms, etc.

  102. Research, development and production of laser and carbon dioxide laser treatment products

  103. Development and application of high-end implantable interventional equipment and materials such as new stents and prostheses, as well as additive manufacturing technology

  104. Development and manufacturing of new textile machinery, key components and textile testing and experimental instruments

  105. Manufacturing of special equipment for high-tech solar cell production

  106. Manufacturing of air pollution prevention and control equipment: high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant filter materials, low NOx combustion devices, flue gas denitrification catalysts and denitrification complete sets, flue gas desulfurization equipment, flue gas dust removal equipment, industrial organic waste gas purification equipment, diesel vehicles Exhaust purification device, heavy metal exhaust gas treatment device

  107. Manufacturing of water pollution prevention and control equipment: horizontal spiral centrifugal dehydrators, membranes and membrane materials, ozone generators above 50kg/h, chlorine dioxide generators above AOkg/h, ultraviolet disinfection devices, small rural domestic sewage treatment equipment, Heavy metal wastewater treatment equipment

  108. Manufacturing of solid waste treatment and disposal equipment: sludge disposal and resource utilization equipment for sewage treatment plants, complete sets of garbage incineration equipment with a daily processing capacity of more than 500 tons, landfill leachate treatment technology and equipment, landfill anti-seepage geomembranes, construction Garbage treatment and resource utilization equipment, hazardous waste treatment equipment, landfill biogas power generation equipment, scrap steel processing equipment, medical waste centralized disposal facilities

  109. Manufacturing of tailings comprehensive utilization equipment

  110. Manufacturing of waste plastics, electrical appliances, rubber, and battery recycling equipment

  111. Manufacturing of waste textile recycling and processing equipment

  112. Manufacturing of waste mechanical and electrical products remanufacturing equipment

  113. Manufacturing of waste tire comprehensive utilization device

  114. Manufacturing of waste heat, pressure and gas utilization equipment

  115. Development and manufacturing of seawater desalination and circulating cooling technology and complete equipment with a daily output of 100,000 cubic meters and above

  116. Manufacturing of water-saving industrial equipment for high water-consuming industries such as steel, papermaking, textiles, petrochemicals, chemicals, and metallurgy

  117. Manufacturing of hydrogen energy preparation, storage and transportation equipment and inspection systems

  118. Manufacturing of new heavy residual oil gasification and atomization nozzles, high-efficiency steam traps with steam leakage rates of 0.5% and below, and high-temperature ceramic heat exchangers of 1000°C and above

  119. Development and utilization of clean coal technology products and equipment manufacturing (coal gasification, liquefaction, coal water slurry, industrial coal briquettes)

  120. Design, R&D and manufacturing of main process equipment for nuclear reactors

  (14) Automobile manufacturing industry

  12L automobile engine manufacturing and engine R&D institution construction: gasoline engines with a power per liter of not less than 70 kilowatts, diesel engines with a power of not less than 50 kilowatts per liter and a displacement of less than 3 liters, and diesel engines with a power per liter of not less than 40 kilowatts and a displacement of more than 3 liters. New energy engines such as diesel engines, fuel cells and hybrid fuels•

  122. Manufacturing of key automotive parts and research and development of key technologies: dual-clutch transmission

  (DCT), continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), electronically controlled mechanical transmission (AMT), gasoline engine turbocharger, viscous coupling (for four-wheel drive), automatic transmission actuator (solenoid valve), hydraulic damper speed reducer, eddy current retarder, gas generator for automotive airbags, fuel common rail injection technology (maximum injection pressure greater than 2000 Pa), variable section turbocharging technology (VGT), variable nozzle turbocharging technology ( VNT), engine emission control device that meets China’s Stage 6 pollutant emission standards, intelligent torque management system (ITM) and coupler assembly, steer-by-wire system, particle trap, low-floor axle for large buses, energy absorption steering systems, low-drag disc brake assemblies, aluminum steering knuckles, large and medium-sized passenger car inverter air conditioning systems, automotive special

  Rubber accessories, as well as key parts and components of the above parts

  123. R&D and manufacturing of automotive electronic devices: engine and chassis electronic control systems and key components, vehicle-mounted electronic technology (automotive information systems and navigation systems), automotive electronic bus network technology, input (sensors and sampling systems) output of electronic control systems (Actuator) components, electric power steering system electronic controller, embedded electronic integrated system, electronically controlled air spring, electronically controlled suspension system, electronic valve system device, electronic combination instrument, ABS/TCS/ESP system, circuit system Powertrain system (BBW), transmission electronic control unit (TCU), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), on-board fault diagnosis device (OBD), engine anti-theft system, automatic collision avoidance system, detection system for automobile and motorcycle type testing and maintenance, Autonomous driving system, in-vehicle electronic operating system, in-vehicle electronic operating system application development (APP), head-up display technology, intelligent connected vehicle avoidance steering assist system, collision warning system (FCW), automatic braking control system (ABC), automatic Emergency braking system (AEB), electronic parking brake system (EPB), brake-by-wire system, adaptive cruise system (ACC), front-view camera system, wheel speed sensor, Internet of Vehicles technology

  124. R&D and manufacturing of key components of new energy vehicles: energy-based power battery cells; battery cathode materials (specific capacity >180mAh/g, cycle life of 2,000 times not less than 80% of the initial discharge capacity) and precursor materials, batteries Anode material (specific capacity >500mAh/g, cycle life of 2000 times not less than 80% of the initial discharge capacity), battery separator (thickness <12^01, porosity 35%-60%); battery management system, motor controller , electric vehicle electronic control integration; electric vehicle drive motor system (high efficiency area: 85% working area efficiency >80%), automotive DC/DC (input voltage 100V-400V), high-power electronic devices (IGBT, voltage level >750V , current >300A); plug-in hybrid electromechanical coupling drive system; fuel cell engine (mass specific power >350W/kg), fuel cell stack (volume specific power >3kW/L). Membrane electrode (clamp usage <0.3g /kW), proton exchange membrane (proton conductivity>0.08S/cm). Bipolar plate (metal bipolar plate thickness 2.5kW/kg); high-speed reducer (maximum input speed>12000rpm, noise less than 75dB)

  125. Vehicle chargers (efficiency 295% under full load output conditions), two-way vehicle chargers, non-vehicle charging equipment (output voltage 250V-950V, efficiency >88% within the voltage range) and high power density, high conversion efficiency, high Applicability wireless charging, mobile charging technology development and equipment manufacturing

  126. R&D and manufacturing of key components of smart cars: sensors, on-board chips, central processing units, on-board operating systems and information control systems, vehicle network communication system equipment, visual recognition systems, high-precision positioning devices, wire-controlled chassis systems; new intelligence Terminal module, multi-core heterogeneous intelligent computing platform technology, high-precision positioning and map technology for all-weather complex traffic scenarios, sensor fusion perception technology, key vehicle wireless communication technology, basic cloud control platform technology; new security isolation architecture technology, software and hardware collaborative attacks Identification technology, terminal chip security encryption and application software security protection technology, wireless communication security encryption technology, secure communication and authentication and authorization technology, data encryption technology; test and evaluation system architecture research and development, virtual simulation, real vehicle road testing and other technologies and verification tools, Vehicle-level and system-level test and evaluation methods, test basic database construction

  127. Hardware manufacturing related to L3/L4/L5 autonomous driving: lidar, millimeter wave radar

  128. Manufacturing of charging piles and energy storage charging piles

  (15) Railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing industries

  129. Manufacturing of emission control devices for large-displacement (displacement > 250 HP) motorcycle engines that meet China’s fourth stage of motorcycle pollutant emission standards

  130. Civil aircraft design, manufacturing and maintenance: mainline and regional aircraft, general aircraft

  131. Civil aircraft parts manufacturing and maintenance

  132. Civil helicopter design and manufacturing

  133. Civil helicopter parts manufacturing

  134. Manufacturing of ground and surface effect vehicles and design and manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles and aerostats

  135. Design, manufacturing and maintenance of aviation engines and components, and aviation auxiliary power systems

  136. Development and production of new materials for aerospace use

  137. Design and manufacturing of civil aviation airborne equipment

  138. Aviation ground equipment manufacturing: civil airport facilities, civil airport operation support equipment, civil airport security facilities, flight test ground equipment, flight simulation and training equipment, aviation testing and measurement equipment, aviation ground test equipment, comprehensive testing of airborne equipment Equipment, special equipment for aviation manufacturing, special equipment for aviation material trial production, civil aircraft ground receiving and application equipment, launch vehicle ground testing equipment, launch vehicle mechanics and environmental experimental equipment

  139. Civilian satellite design and manufacturing, civilian satellite payload manufacturing

  140. Civilian satellite parts manufacturing

  141. Manufacturing of on-board product testing equipment.

  142. Design of luxury cruise ships and deep water (above 3000 meters) offshore engineering equipment

  143. Design of equipment for developing seabed mineral resources

  144. Design of low- and medium-speed diesel engines and their components for ships

  145. Design of ship cabin machinery

  146. Design of ship communication and navigation equipment

  147. Yacht design

  148. Design of intelligent ships and development of related intelligent systems.

  149. R&D and manufacturing of passenger ship navigation and communication systems

  (16) Electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry

  Manufacturing of key auxiliary equipment for 1.501 million kilowatt ultra-supercritical thermal power units: safety valves and regulating valves

  151. Design and manufacturing of seals for thermal power equipment

  152. Manufacturing of power transmission and transformation equipment and key components

  153. Manufacturing of complete sets of new energy power generation equipment or key equipment: photovoltaic power generation, solar thermal power generation, geothermal power generation, tidal power generation, wave power generation, waste power generation, biogas power generation, wind power generation equipment of 2.5 MW and above’

  154. High-tech green battery manufacturing: power line hydrogen batteries, zinc wire batteries, sodium salt batteries, zinc-silver batteries, lithium-ion batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, etc.

  155. Manufacturing of solar air conditioners, heating systems, and solar drying devices

  156. Manufacturing of biomass drying and pyrolysis systems and biomass gasification devices

  157. High-voltage vacuum components and switchgear, intelligent medium-voltage switch components and complete sets of equipment, insulated switchgear using environmentally friendly medium-voltage gas, intelligent (communicable) low-voltage electrical appliances, amorphous alloy, rolled iron core and other energy-saving power distribution Transformer manufacturing

  (17) Computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry

  158. Manufacturing of high-definition digital camcorders and digital sound playback equipment

  159. TFT-LCD, OLED, AMOLED, laser display, quantum dot, 3D display and other flat-panel display screens and display material manufacturing (except for 6th generation and below TFT-LCD glass substrates)

  160. R&D and manufacturing of e-book materials (electronic ink screens, etc.)

  161. Manufacturing of silicon single crystal with diameter of 8 inches and above

  162. Manufacturing of silicon wafers with a diameter of 12 inches and above

  163. Large-screen color projection displays are manufactured with key components such as optical engines, light sources, projection screens, high-definition projection tubes and micro-display projection equipment modules•

  164. Laser projection equipment manufacturing

  165. Manufacturing of ultra-high-definition and high-tech video products: 4K/8K ultra-high-definition TVs, 4K cameras, monitors, and end-to-end key software and hardware for high-tech videos such as interactive video, immersive video, VR video, and cloud games, etc.

  166. <Sound and video codec equipment, digital radio and television studio equipment, digital cable TV system equipment, digital audio broadcast transmitting equipment, digital TV up and down converters, digital TV terrestrial broadcast single frequency network (SFN) equipment, satellite digital TV Uplink station equipment manufacturing

  167. Integrated circuit design, manufacturing of large-scale digital integrated circuits with line widths of 28 nanometers and below, manufacturing of analog and digital-analog integrated circuits of 0-11 microns and below, mask manufacturing, MEMS and compound semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing and BGA, PGA, Advanced packaging and testing such as CSP and MCM

  168. Manufacturing of large and medium-sized electronic computers, teraflop high-performance computers, portable microcomputers, large-scale simulation systems, industrial control machines and controllers

  169. R&D and manufacturing of quantum, brain-like and other new mechanism computer systems

  170. Development and manufacturing of etching machines, PVD, CVD, oxidation furnaces, cleaning machines, diffusion furnaces, MFC, etc. for VLSI manufacturing

  171. Integrated circuit packaging and testing equipment manufacturing

  172. Computer digital signal processing system and board manufacturing

  173. Graphic image recognition and processing system manufacturing

  174. Development and manufacturing of large-capacity optical and magnetic disk drives and their components

  175. Manufacturing of storage systems of 100TB and above, manufacturing of SSD solid state drives of 8TB and above, and manufacturing of intelligent storage equipment

  176. Manufacturing of computer-aided design (3D CAD), electronic design automation (EDA), auxiliary testing (CAT), auxiliary manufacturing (CAM), auxiliary engineering (CAE) systems and other computer application systems

  177. Software product development and production

  178. Development and manufacturing of special electronic materials (except development and manufacturing of optical fiber preforms)

  179. Electronic special equipment, testing instruments, tool and mold manufacturing

  180. Manufacturing of new electronic components: chip components, sensitive components and sensors, frequency control and selection components, hybrid integrated circuits, power electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, new electromechanical components, polymer solid capacitors, supercapacitors, passive Integrated components, high-density interconnection laminated boards, single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer flexible boards, rigid-flex printed circuit boards and packaging carrier boards, high-density and high-thin lines (line width/line spacing <0.05mm) flexible circuits Board etc.

  181. Manufacturing and assembly of touch systems (touch screens, touch components, etc.)

  182. Research, development and manufacturing of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) equipment

  183. Manufacturing of high-brightness light-emitting diodes with luminous efficiency of 1401m/W or more, light-emitting diode epitaxial wafers (blue light) with luminous efficiency of 1401m/W or more, and white light-emitting tubes with luminous efficiency of 1401O1/W or more and power of 200mW or more

  184. Development and production of key components for high-density digital optical disc machines

  185. Production of recordable optical discs

  186. R&D and manufacturing of 3D printing equipment and key components

  187. Satellite communication system equipment manufacturing

  188. Manufacturing of optical communication measuring instruments and optical transceivers with a rate of 40Gbps and above

  189. Ultra-wideband (UWB) communication equipment manufacturing

  190. Wireless LAN (including supporting WAPI) and wide area network equipment manufacturing

  191. Time division multiplexing equipment (TDM) with a rate of 100 Gbps and above, dense wavelength division multiplexing equipment (DWDM), broadband passive network equipment (including EPON, GPON, WDM-PON, etc.), next-generation DSL chips and equipment, optical crossover Manufacturing of connection equipment (OXC), automatic optical switching network equipment (ASON), and SDH optical fiber communication transmission equipment above 40Gbps

  192. Development and manufacturing of next-generation Internet system equipment, terminal equipment, testing equipment, software, and chips based on IPv6

  193. Development and manufacturing of fourth-generation, fifth-generation and subsequent mobile communication system mobile phones, base stations, core network equipment, optical transmission equipment, and network detection equipment

  194. Visual sensors (digital cameras, digital cameras, 3D sensors, lidar, millimeter wave radar, etc.) and their core elements used in fifth-generation mobile terminals (mobile phones, cars, drones, virtual reality and augmented displays, etc.) Development and manufacturing of components (optical lenses and lenses, lasers, photosensitive chips, motors, optoelectronic modules, etc.) and IoT terminals

  195. Cloud computing equipment (including servers, storage equipment clouds and high-precision mechanical components of cloud service equipment, etc.), software and system development

  196. Development and manufacturing of high-end routers with overall machine processing capacity greater than 6.4Tbps (two-way) and switches with switching capacity greater than 40Tbps

  197. Air traffic control system equipment manufacturing

  198. Development and manufacturing of electronic auxiliary teaching equipment for traditional Chinese medicine based on sound, light, electricity, touch and other computer information technologies, and virtual pathology and physiological model equipment

  199. Manufacturing of smart consumer devices such as wearable smart devices, smart unmanned aerial vehicles, and service consumption robots•

  200.Smart home platform system and equipment manufacturing

  (18) Instrument manufacturing industry

  201. Manufacturing of industrial process automatic control systems and devices: field bus control systems, large programmable controllers (PLC), two-phase flow meters, solid flow meters, new sensors and on-site measurement instruments

  202. Manufacturing of automated, intelligent, multi-functional material mechanical properties testing instruments, industrial CT, three-dimensional ultrasonic flaw detectors and other non-destructive testing equipment

  203. Development and manufacturing of large precision instruments and high-resolution microscopes (resolution less than 200nm)

  204. Manufacturing of high-precision digital voltmeters and ammeters (display range of more than seven and a half digits)

  205. Manufacturing of automatic reactive power compensation device

  206. Manufacturing of new instruments and equipment for production safety

  207. Manufacturing of VXI bus-type automatic test system (in compliance with IEEE1155 international standards)

  208. Development and manufacturing of coal mine underground monitoring and disaster forecasting systems and coal safety detection comprehensive management systems

  209. Manufacturing of engineering surveying and geophysical observation equipment

  210. Manufacturing of environmental monitoring instruments

  211. Manufacturing of wireless remote smart water meters

  212. Manufacturing of intelligent monitoring instruments for reservoir and dam safety

  213. Hydrological data collection, processing and transmission and manufacturing of flood control and early warning instruments and equipment

  214. Manufacturing of marine exploration and monitoring instruments and equipment

  215. Manufacturing of leakage monitoring instruments for municipal pipe networks and water pipelines

  216. Nuclear instrument and meter R&D and manufacturing

Three new encouraged industries in the Hainan Free Trade Port

  (1) Manufacturing industry

  1. R&D, manufacturing, maintenance and supporting industries of yachts and cruise ships, R&D and construction of new energy and clean energy powered ships

  2. Research, development and application of biomass materials

  3. New energy vehicle manufacturing (implemented in accordance with the “Automotive Industry Investment Management Regulations”, etc.)

  4. Manufacturing of complete motorcycles and important parts

  5. Environmentally friendly coatings for construction and marine protection

  6. Research, development and manufacturing of marine renewable energy equipment

  7. Research and application of aerospace food, aerospace biomedicine, and aerospace medicine

  8. Research, development and application of deep sea search and rescue salvage equipment and technology

  9. R&D and production of medical equipment and devices with independent intellectual property rights

  10. Equipment research and development, manufacturing, inspection, maintenance, sales and supporting industries related to offshore oil exploration, development and production

  11. Operational services such as R&D, manufacturing and maintenance of aviation aircraft, aero engines, and aviation airborne products and supporting industries

  12. Research and development, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of spacecraft and its ground facilities, space resource survey and application

  (2) Scientific research and technical services industry

  13. Commercial space launch, commercial satellite measurement and control and other services

  14. Animal and plant genetic engineering and gene bank construction

  (3) Health and social work

  15. Manufacturing of advanced and applicable complete sets of equipment for pharmaceuticals and biological preparations

1. Industries in the Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment

  (1) Agriculture and forestry

  1. Recreational agriculture and rural tourism quality projects

  (2) Tourism

  2. Development and marketing services of tourism products, tourism souvenirs, tourism equipment, and various outdoor activities such as leisure, mountaineering, skiing, diving, and adventure.

  3. Cultural tourism, health tourism, rural tourism, ecological tourism, ocean tourism, forest tourism, grassland tourism, industrial tourism, sports tourism, red tourism, ethnic customs tourism and other comprehensive development of tourism resources, infrastructure construction and information services

  (3) Culture

  4. Protection and revitalization of intangible cultural heritage, protection and development of ethnic and folk art, traditional arts and crafts, protection of national historical and cultural cities (towns, villages) and cultural blocks, and villages and towns with Chinese ethnic minority characteristics, protection and development of Chinese time-honored brands, national International marketing and promotion of cultural and artistic boutiques

2. Industries in the Catalogue of Industries to Encourage Foreign Investment

  (1) Culture, sports and entertainment industry

  1. Performance venue management

  2. Tourism infrastructure construction and tourism information services

  3. Industries among the new encouraged industries in Hainan Free Trade Port

  (1) Accommodation and catering industry

  1. Hotels, specialized small and medium-sized family hotels, country B&Bs

  2. Development and promotion of various shared living products such as timeshare, online rental, and house sharing

  (2) Culture, sports and entertainment industry

  3. Travel agency and travel agency services

  4. Cultural and tourism promotion and destination marketing

  5. Online travel services

  6. Recreational fishing

  7. Traditional Chinese medicine health tourism base, forest health care base, forest experience base, national forest trails, self-driving camps (including RVs), business campsites, agricultural and forestry tourist attractions

  8. Tourism communities, tourist resorts, theme parks, scenic spot construction, historical and cultural blocks, and tourism performances based on the concept of urban complexes

Modern service industry

  1. Industries in the Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structure Adjustment

  (1) Agriculture and forestry

  1. Meteorological satellite engineering (satellite development, production and supporting software systems, ground receiving and processing equipment, satellite remote sensing application technology) and meteorological information services

  (2) Modern logistics industry

  2. Construction of logistics and distribution facilities for agricultural products, cold chain logistics of agricultural products, food and medicines, and technical services for quality and safety control of food and medicine logistics

  3. R&D and application of logistics information service technology, cargo tracking, identification and positioning technology, intelligent warehousing, sorting and distribution technology, and logistics information security technology

  (3) Technology service industry.

  4. Professional scientific and technological services such as industrial design, meteorology, biology, new materials, new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, surveying and mapping, oceanography, standardization services, metrological testing, quality certification and inspection and testing services, and popularization of science and technology

  5. Online data and transaction processing, IT facility management and data center services, mobile Internet services, Internet conference television and imaging and other telecommunications value-added services

  6. Industry (enterprise) management and information solution development, network-based software service platform, software development and testing services, information system integration, consulting, operation maintenance and data mining and other service businesses

  7. Digital content services such as digital music, mobile media, and online publishing, and information resource development services in the fields of geography, international trade, etc.

  8. Technology construction and services supporting emerging cultural technologies such as digital technology, high-fidelity technology, and high-speed computing technology

  9. Analysis, experimentation, testing and related technical consulting and R&D services, overall intelligent product solutions, ergonomic design, system simulation and other design services

  10. Online data processing and data security services, data recovery and disaster recovery services, information security protection, network security emergency support services, cloud computing security services, big data security services, information security risk assessment, certification and consulting services, information equipment and Software security evaluation services, cryptographic technology product testing and certification services, information system level protection security solution design services

  11. Scientific and technological information exchange, literature information retrieval, technical consultation, technology incubation, scientific and technological achievements evaluation, scientific and technological achievements transfer and transformation services, and technology authentication and other services

  12. Intellectual property agency, transfer, registration, identification, retrieval, analysis, evaluation, operation, certification, consulting and related investment and financing services

  13. Information technology outsourcing, business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing and other technologically advanced services

  14. Intelligent manufacturing system integration application experience verification service

  15. Industrial services: maintenance and repair of modern high-end equipment, digital production line transformation and integration, industrial service network platform, industrial e-commerce, intelligent equipment remote operation and maintenance management system, smart factory equipment monitoring and diagnosis platform, predictive maintenance system, professional maintenance Services and supply chain services, industrial management services (including equipment operation and maintenance management consulting, equipment operation and maintenance and management services, industrial APP and equipment management software (SaaS)), data and digital services (PaaS, IaaS, data analysis services and other innovations data service)

  16. Network security integration, security maintenance, security operations, risk assessment, education and training, consulting, emergency response and other security services

  17. Information system integration and Internet of Things technology services, operation and maintenance services, information processing and storage support services, information technology consulting services, digital content services and other information technology services

  (4) Business services industry

  18. Economic, management, information, accounting, taxation, auditing, legal, energy saving, environmental protection and other consulting and services

  19. Engineering consulting services (including planning consulting, project consulting, evaluation consulting, and full-process engineering consulting)

  20. Asset evaluation, calibration, testing, inspection and other services

  21. Convention and exhibition services (excluding convention and exhibition venue construction)

  22. Supply chain management services (refers to the design, planning, control and optimization of logistics, business flow, information flow and capital flow in the supply chain based on modern information technology, integrating single and decentralized order management, procurement execution, customs declaration and tax refund, logistics Management, financing, data management, trade, settlement, etc. integrated services)

  (5) Education

  24. Internet + education, distance education

  (6) Hygiene and health

  23. Internet + medical and health services, medical big data applications

  (7) Culture

  26. Cultural and creative design services, digital cultural and creative (including digital cultural and creative technical equipment, digital cultural and creative software, digital cultural and creative content production, new media services, digital cultural and creative content application services), animation creation, production, dissemination, publishing, Derivative product development

  27. Radio, film and television production, distribution, trading, broadcasting, publishing, derivatives development, and online audio-visual program technical services and development

  28. News and publication content supervision technology, copyright protection technology, publication production technology, publication distribution technology development and application, technology development, application and industrialization of new news and publication carriers such as electronic paper and readers

  29. Development and application of film digital services and supervision technology

  (8) Sports

  30. Sports brokerage and agency, advertising and exhibition, performance and design services

  31. Sports media and information services

  32. Sports tourism, health and rehabilitation, financial and asset management services

  (9) Elder care and childcare services

  25. Smart health and elderly care

  (10) Human resources and human capital service industry

  33. Human resources recruitment, employment and entrepreneurship guidance, human resources and social security affairs agency, human resources training, labor dispatch, human resources evaluation, human resources management consulting, human resources service outsourcing, senior talent search, human resources information software services and other human resources service industries

2. Industries in the Catalogue of Industries to Encourage Foreign Investment

  (1) Transportation, warehousing and postal industry

  1. International ship management agencies and crew dispatch agencies

  2. Construction of warehousing facilities related to logistics business, especially automated elevated three-dimensional warehousing facilities, construction and operation of integrated warehousing facilities related to packaging, processing and distribution business

  3. R&D and application of scientific and technological equipment and green packaging related to express delivery services, and R&D and application of green logistics facilities and equipment

  4. Construction and operation of shared systems for pallets and container units

  5. Rural and community chain distribution

  6. Provision and application of logistics and related technical services such as joint distribution of general commodities, cold chain logistics of fresh agricultural products, and low-temperature distribution of special drugs.

  7. Construction of bulk commodity import and export distribution logistics center

  (2) Wholesale and retail industry

  8. Cross-border e-commerce supply chain company

  9. Construction of unified distribution and distribution network for commercial enterprises

  (3) Information transmission, software and technical services industry

  10. E-commerce system development and application services, construction and operation of various professional asset trading platforms

  11. Online education, online medical care, and online office system development and application services

  (4) Leasing and business services industry

  12. International economy, technology, environmental protection, logistics information, business, accounting, tax consulting services

  13. Engineering consulting services

  14. Engage in system application management and maintenance, information technology support management, bank back-end services, financial settlement, software development, offshore call centers, data processing and other information technology and business process outsourcing services by undertaking service outsourcing.

  15. Maintenance and repair of modern high-end equipment, transformation and integration of digital production lines, professional maintenance services and supply chain services

  16. Conferences, exhibitions and related services

  17. Intellectual Property Services

  (5) Scientific research and technical services industry

  18. Bioengineering and biomedical engineering technology, biomass energy development technology research and development

  19. Research and development of DNA-encoded compound library technology

  20. R&D and application of artificial intelligence technologies such as smart devices, robots, neural network chips, and neuron sensors

  21. Research and development of isotope, radiation and laser technology

  22. Ocean development and ocean energy development technology, comprehensive utilization technology of marine chemical resources, related product development and deep processing technology, marine medicine and biochemical product development technology

Technology research and development

  23. Research and development of ocean monitoring technology (ocean wave, meteorology, environmental monitoring), seabed detection and ocean resource exploration and evaluation technology

  24. Research and development of high value-added utilization technologies for comprehensive utilization of desalinated concentrated seawater for salt production, extraction of potassium, auranium, magnesium, lithium and other seawater chemical resources and their deep processing

  25. Offshore oil pollution cleanup and ecological restoration technology and related product development, seawater eutrophication prevention and control technology, marine life explosive growth disaster prevention technology, and coastal ecological environment restoration technology research and development

  26. Research, development and application of energy conservation, environmental protection and circular economy technologies

  27. Resource regeneration and comprehensive utilization technology, research and development and application of reuse technology for enterprise production emissions

  28. Research and development of environmental pollution control and monitoring technology

  29. Cleaner production technology development and services

  30. Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology development and services

  31. Green building land saving and outdoor environment, energy saving and energy utilization, water saving and water resource utilization, material saving and material resource utilization, indoor environment and operation management comprehensive technology research and development and utilization

  32. Research, development and application of radioactive waste treatment technology

  33. Professional construction, operation and technical consulting services for hazardous waste utilization and disposal facilities

  34. New products and technologies for energy saving, consumption reduction, and three waste management in chemical fiber production and printing and dyeing processing

  35. Research, development and application of phosphogypsum comprehensive utilization technology

  36. Research and development of desertification prevention and desertification restoration technology

  37. Research and development of integrated grass-livestock balance management technology

  38. Research, development and application of comprehensive utilization technology of modern animal husbandry waste resources

  39. Research, development and application of new pesticide application technologies

  40. Research and development of civil satellite application technology

  41. Inspection, testing and certification services

  42. Research and Development Center

  43. High-tech, new product development and business incubation center

  44. R&D and application of fifth-generation mobile communication technology

  45. Research, development and application of Internet of Things technology

  46. ​​Blockchain technology research and development and application

  47. Industrial design, architectural design, fashion design and other creative industries

  48. Urban and rural planning preparation services (except city and town overall planning services)

Three new encouraged industries in the Hainan Free Trade Port

  (1) Wholesale and retail industry

  1. Auction company construction and operation

  (2) Transportation, warehousing and postal industries

  2. Railway passenger and freight transportation, rail-water combined transport and Guangdong-Hai Ferry railway passenger and freight transportation, high-speed railway express transportation

  3. Agricultural, forestry and fishery products, food and medicine storage and preservation cold chain logistics distribution center

  4. Ship registration, management, repair, maintenance, inspection and testing and related services, cruise and international shipping, aircraft material supply business, ship supply such as marine fuel and natural gas, marine products, material supply, shipping and aviation bonded fuel and bonded LNG bunkering Serve

  5. Waterborne passenger and cargo transportation and auxiliary services, port loading and unloading, warehousing, tugboats, and tally services, cruise port operations, and cruise transportation services

  6. International NVOCC business

  7. International delivery logistics

  8. International air cargo services

  9. International route calls, container transfer business, container disassembly and consolidation

  10. International aircraft and aviation supplies logistics, trading markets and derivative businesses

  11. Global consolidation and distribution system research and development and operation management

  12. International freight forwarding, shipping agency, customs declaration, inspection and other related agency services

  13. Integrated services such as warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding, shipping agency, picking, packaging, loading and unloading, sorting, handling, circulation processing, distribution, reverse logistics, and information processing•

  (3) Information transmission, software and information technology services industry

  14. 5G and 6G technology development and commercial application

  15. R&D and application of basic software and hardware such as general-purpose or high-end general-purpose processors, memories, operating systems, and databases

  16. Development and application of software and hardware product testing and verification tools

  17. Internet information services

  18. Internet platform

  19. Industrial software

  20. Open source software community

  21. Development and application of quantum information technology

  22. Research, development, testing and application of Internet of Vehicles and autonomous driving technologies

  23. Beidou satellite navigation application

  24. Construction of e-sports online service platform

  25. Development and manufacturing of biochips and related data acquisition and processing equipment

  26. Network and data security technology product development and application, network and data security services.

  27. Application of data asset ownership confirmation, registration and transaction technologies and methods

  28. Animation and game production, distribution, trading, and derivatives development

  (4) Leasing and business services industry

  29. Shipping arbitration, shipping brokerage, shipping consulting, average loss adjustment, shipping transactions, shipping information services, crew services, maritime training, ship trading, ship leasing and other shipping services industries

  30. Exhibition services, quality inspection technical services

  31. Cultivation of professional social organizations and talent intermediary service agencies, and construction of social service systems for small and medium-sized enterprises

  32. Regional headquarters of multinational corporations

  33. Investment, construction and operation of international exhibition facilities

  34. Enterprise digital transformation services

  35. Service outsourcing

  36. Equipment, instruments and property leasing related to offshore oil exploration, development and production business

  (5) Scientific research and technical services industry

  37. Traditional Chinese medicine service standards, intellectual property promotion and application

  38. Construction of deep sea service support base

  39. Smart ocean and ocean information services

  40. Aviation personnel training, aerospace science popularization, aerospace cultural creation

  41. Construction and operation of domestic and foreign scientific research institutions or bases and their branches, and international scientific and technological innovation institutions

  42. Construction and operation of resource library (library, center) and scientific data center

  43. Industrial design services

  44. Agricultural and forestry product trademark and brand building

  45. R&D and technical services related to offshore oil exploration, development and production

  (6) Water conservancy, environment and public facilities management industry

  46. ​​Green port construction, port ship LNG bunkering, shore power standards and supply service systems, port and ship shore power transformation and construction, port ship application new energy and clean energy technology development and application

  47. Construction of rescue and salvage base, construction of rescue flight base, training of rescue and salvage personnel, and intelligent shipping testing and demonstration

  48. Energy-saving and water-saving, low-carbon recycling, pollution control and emission reduction, monitoring and control and other core energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and processes, complete product development and industrialization

  49. Energy-saving and environmental protection technology and product development, energy-saving and environmental protection engineering design, construction and operation, energy-saving diagnosis and environmental monitoring consulting and other services

  (7) Culture, sports and entertainment industry

  50. International Art Exhibition, Transaction and Auction

Related article: Compilation of important policies for Hainan Free Trade Port (February 2024)

Compilation of important policies for Hainan Free Trade Port (February 2024)


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