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Hainan holds an average of 320 sports and fitness activities each year

In recent years, Hainan’s sports infrastructure has been continuously improved, and the number of sports and competitive sports events has increased year by year.

Hainan has invested more than 10 million yuan each year to develop the construction of public sports service infrastructure.

At present, 18 cities and counties in the province have completed the construction of national fitness activity centers. So far, 9 cities and counties have opened their fitness and activity centers to the public.

The coverage rate of farmers’ fitness projects in administrative villages has reached 97.15% and the coverage rate of 15-minute fitness circles in urban communities has reached 97.15%.

Many of the public parks are equipped with exercise equipment and jogging tracks

15- minute fitness circles are generally small and medium-sized sports venues, public fitness centers, outdoor multi-purpose stadiums, and fitness trails that are built around urban communities. The term also incorporates the outdoor gyms with fixed equipment built-in communities.

Xie Xiaoping, deputy director of the Haikou Municipal Bureau of Tourism and Culture, said that he attaches great importance to the construction of national fitness organizations and increasing the training of sports instructors.

At present, there are around 6,631 social instructors in Haikou. Social instructors guide the general public in a wide range of sports activities.

Mr. Yin, a resident from Baisha county said that “With the increase of Baisha sports venues, some of my personal sports hobbies have gradually increased, such as tennis and volleyball, which I didn’t know before. Now I basically come to exercise every day after meals,”

320 sports and fitness activities are held each year

With the continuous improvement of sporting infrastructure, Hainan’s water sports season, beach sports carnival, marathon, table tennis, and other branded mass sports events have also increased year by year.

In 2021, Hainan successfully held the 13th National Fitness Games and 132 various national fitness events, attracting many sports enthusiasts from inside and outside the province to actively participate.

Kitesurfing events held in Haikou each year attract athletes from around the globe

Recently, Qiongzhong women’s football player Wang Jingyi was selected for the U18 national women’s football training team.

Xiao Shan, the head coach of the Qiongzhong women’s football team, told reporters that he is very proud of being able to send outstanding athletes to the national team.

Currently, Qiongzhong county regards football as a compulsory subject of physical education.

Football classes in the primary and secondary schools stage have been opened throughout the county. School-based football teaching materials have been developed, and basic football training content has been incorporated into students’ performance assessment indicators for each semester.

At present, 29 schools in Qiongzhong have established 83 campus football teams, with more than 18,000 students participating in football.


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