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Hainan province promotes environmental-friendly livestock and poultry breeding

Authors: Zhou Haiyan & Wu Xiaohong

To deal with increasingly serious pollution from livestock and poultry breeding, Hainan province has taken measures to designate areas for livestock and poultry breeding and apply clean production technologies to promote pollution prevention and control.

Last year, the number of large livestock and poultry breeding farms reached 1, 579 in Hainan province, and COD and ammonia nitrogen emitted stood at 85, 568.19 tons and 5, 469.9 tons respectively, accounting for 46% and 26.5% of the provincial total. Pollution from livestock and poultry breeding is considered a serious threat to the environment in Hainan.

To deal with inappropriate layout of breeding farms and weak environmental monitoring, Hainan designated areas where livestock and poultry breeding is prohibited or limited and strengthened environmental management within breeding areas; as for the areas where breeding is prohibited, large-scale breeding is banned and breeding farms are shut down or moved out; in the areas where breeding is limited, it is not allowed to build new breeding farms and expand existing large-scale farms.

In terms of environmental law enforcement, Hainan province tightened assessment and approval of new projects and require relevant parties to fully implement an environmental assessment impact system. When it comes to building new breeding farms, reconstructing or enlarging breeding farms, pollution prevention and control facilities and construction projects must conform to design and construction plans. Measures are also taken to crack down illegal conduct such as construction of new projects without official approval, investment without assessment and over-standard emission.

In terms of breeding methods, Hainan province will promote the application of clean production technologies and a circular breeding model to reduce pollution; encourage breeding farms to fertilize farmland with livestock and poultry excrement in an environmental-friendly way or use it to produce bio-gas, organic fertilizer and renewable fodder.

The focus has shifted towards implimenting more favorable policies and providing capital support to breeding projects that greatly reduce pollution.



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