How do I apply for a work permit in Hainan Island, China?

Q. How do I apply for a work permit in Hainan Island, China?

A: Employees or entrusted specialized agencies must register an account on the “management service system for foreigners to work in China”, htttp://, submit permit application online and print the “Notice for Work Permits of Foreigners”, after approval.

Documents required to submit online.

1. Application form for work permit for foreigners in China. 外国人来华工作许可申请表。

 2. Work qualification certificate. 工作资历证明。

3. Highest education certificate or relevant approval documents, professional qualification certificates. 最高学位(学历)证书或相关批准文书、职业资格证明。

4. Certificate of non-criminal record issued by the applicant’s home country or country of long term residence (region). 申请人国籍国或长期居住国(地区)官方出具的无犯罪记录证明。

5. Medical certificate. 体检证明。

6. Employment contract or proof of appointment (including dispatch letter from multinational company). 聘用合同或任职证明(包括跨国公司派遣函)

7. Applicants passport or international travel document information page, electronic photo. 申请人护照或国际旅行证件信息页、电子照片。

8. Relevant supporting documents of accompanying family members. 随行家属相关证明材料。

For applicants already in China please also supply 对境内申请外国人来华工作许可的申请人,请也提供:

Applicant’s current (Z or R) or valid residence permit (visa page, entry signature page or residence permit information page).

(2) By way of the “Notice for Work Permits for Foreigners” and other required materials, foreigners may then apply for a Z-visa, F-visa, or R-visa at overseas embassies and consulates of the People’s Republic of China.

(3) Within 15 days of entering China, employers need to apply for the “Work Permit for Foreigners” online and collect the certificates at the administration department for foreigner’s work, at the branch where the employer’s business is located.

(4) Within 30 days after entry, employees need to apply to the public security bureau’s entry-exit administrative body where the employer is located for work-type residence certificates.

What materials need to be submitted?

A: (1) Application form for work permit for foreigners in China;

(2) Employment contract or certificate of employment (or dispatch letter from an International corporation);

(3) The highest diploma (academic certificate) or relevant approval documents, occupational qualification certificates;

(4) Work qualification certificate, certificate of non-criminal record, physical examination certificate, passport information page, etc.

In case of difficulties in submitting other materials, (other than 1 and 2 above) acceptance of incomplete materials can be handled with a commitment by the application unit and individuals.

The materials are allowed to be supplemented within a specified time.

Where foreigners working in China change their employers, they should cancel their existing work permits and supplement relevant work qualifications for post changes.

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