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June 1st! Haikou to give 5 million in subsidies to newly established state-level key laboratories

The measures support the research and development of key technologies that meet the needs of Haikou City's economic and social development

The Haikou Municipal Government has issued “Several Policies and Measures of Haikou City on Accelerating the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Promoting High-quality Development” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”), which states that it will steadily promote the construction of a high-level national innovation-oriented city, under the background of a free trade port, economic restructuring and industrial transformation and upgrading.

The “Measures” support enterprises to build their innovation capabilities from three aspects: encouraging enterprises to participate in the implementation of national scientific research projects, encouraging enterprises to carry out technological innovation projects, and supporting the construction of enterprise R&D institutions.

The “Measures” propose that enterprises undertaking national science and technology plan (special) projects will be given support of 50% of the national special appropriation amount, with a maximum of 3 million yuan.

The “Measures” support the research and development of applied technologies and the industrialisation of key technologies that meet the needs of Haikou City’s economic and social development. The municipal finance department will provide financial support to municipal science and technology projects led by enterprises at 30% of the total R&D investment budget of the project. For projects with high technology content and key support, the amount of funding can be increased after the approval of the municipal government.

The “Measures” support enterprises to jointly build R&D institutions with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. 

The newly established state-level key laboratory will be given a subsidy reward of 5 million yuan (50% of which will be paid according to approval and certification); the newly recognised national-level technology innovation centre and national-level manufacturing innovation centre will be given a one-time reward of 3 million yuan subsidy reward; newly recognized national engineering (technology) research centres, national technology transfer centres, and national enterprise technology centres will be given a one-time subsidy reward of 2 million yuan.

In addition, the “Measures” also accelerate the promotion of scientific and technological innovation in Haikou City to promote high-quality development in terms of supporting the construction of scientific and technological innovation carriers, encouraging the implementation of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, supporting the development of scientific and technological talents, and optimizing the environment for scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

The “Measures” will be implemented from June 1st 2022.

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