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State Council updates on guidelines for wearing masks

August 13th, the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism team issued updated guidelines on wearing masks for the public and key occupational groups (August 2021).

For the general public, in addition to wearing masks in closed places, they are required to wear masks when they are in crowded outdoor squares, theatres and parks. 

It is suggested that the public should keep some high-quality masks (kn-95) at home.

1. General public

Scenarios and circumstances where masks are required.

1. When in crowded indoor places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, conference venues, exhibition halls, airports, docks and hotel public areas;

2. When in elevators and airplanes, trains, ships, long-distance trains, subways, buses and other public transport;

3. When in outdoor places such as crowded open-air squares, theatres, parks, etc;

4. When attending a doctor, accompanying another person to the hospital, when undergoing health checks such as temperature testing, health code checking, and travel information registration;

5. When symptoms such as breathing discomfort, coughing, sneezing and fever occur;

6. When not eating in a restaurant or canteen.

In the new guidelines for wearing masks, high risk jobs have been identified including overseas import and export, staff of medical institutions and service personnel in public places.  

2. Key occupational groups

Job category.

( 1 ) Cross-border trucks, train transportation, loading and unloading and other similar jobs;

( 2 ) Cold chain transportation positions such as overseas frozen food processing, storage, loading and unloading, and transportation;

( 3 ) personnel responsible for inbound flights, trains, car drivers, flight attendants, cleaners and porters;

( 4 ) Customs staff who supervise inbound and outbound transport, goods , postal items, etc.;

( 5 ) Airport and airplane cleaners, baggage handlers and other ground crews.

3. Staff of medical institutions.

( 1 ) General contacts: including outpatient and general ward medical staff, security guards, registration, medical guidance, billing, pharmacy, etc.;

( 2 ) Persons exposed to potential pollutants: cleaners, nurses, plumbers, laboratory workers, etc.;

( 3 ) Workers in contact with patients or infected persons: medical staff in fever clinics and isolation wards, nasopharyngeal swab sampling staff, etc.

4. All service personnel in public places.

Aviation personnel including flight attendants, security staff, sales staff, ticket sellers, police officers, chefs, hotel and restaurant attendants, couriers, cargo delivery staff, door guards, security guards, cleaning, etc.

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