Unlocking Central Hainan – Tunchang by bus

Tunchang is a county directly under the jurisdiction of Hainan province, it is located in the north-central part of Hainan.

It is 55 kilometres long from north to south and 52 kilometres wide from east to west, covering an area of 1231.5 square kilometres.

Tunchang borders four other Hainan counties: Chengmai, Qiongzhong, Ding’an and Qionghai.

Tunchang is located in the north-central part of Hainan

The county doesn’t have many “tourist hot spots” but it does have beautiful countryside and farmland.

If you want to escape the city and fancy a quiet weekend away in postcard picturesque countryside, then Tunchang might be for you.

There are around 700 different variety of trees across Tunchang county

Many residents of the old villages in Tunchang have lived there for generations and most of them eat what they grow, living a simple and healthy life off the land.

Tunchang has a tropical monsoon climate, it’s often dry in spring with high temperatures and humidity in summer and there is a cool rain in winter.

Interesting to know, Tunchang’s forests are home to a wide variety of trees, around 700, spread out all across the county.

Some trees that can be found here are eucalyptus, Casuarina, Caribbean pine, rubber, litchi, longan, mango, coconut, mother and jackfruit.

Where to visit in Tunchang?

Muse Tourist Resort Scenic Area 木色旅游度假风景区

Mu Se Tourist Resort is located in the southwest of Tunchang, it is a little more than 20 kilometres away from the downtown area.

Mu Se Lake is a famous artificial lake in the middle of Hainan Island and is home to thousands of water birds.

Little Egret

The lake is surrounded by other scenic areas such as: Niuxue ridge, Diao Yue ridge, Shai Gu ridge, Ji Zui ridge, Qiongkai ridge, Shuangru Feng peak, Diao Ling ridge.

Leigongtan lake surrounds Mu Se Lake on the east, west and south sides and between the two lakes there is a waterfall.
Address: 木色旅游度假风景区

Opening time: All year 08:00 – 19:00
Price: 5 yuan / person

How to get there

Take the bus from Haikou Transportation Center to Tunchang Fengmu Station 枫木站. Then grab a cab from there. According to Baidu maps, the journey is around 5.6 kilometres, depending on which side of the lake you go too.

Meng Huan Xiang Shan (Perfume World) – 梦幻香山芳香文化园

Website: http://www.menghuanxiangshan.com/

The Fragrant Culture Park is a planting base for fragrant trees, fragrant fruits, vanilla and fragrant flowers.

The park has around 350 acres of lemon green fruit, 200 acres of various fragrant flowers and trees, around 5,000 ten-year old aloe trees and 200 acres of tropical water orchards.

The park is home to various fragrant flowers and trees

Opening time: Year round 08:30- 18:00

Tickets: 36yuan / person

Address: Near Jialipo Village (next to the middle highway), Tuncheng Town, Tunchang 屯昌县屯城镇加利坡村附近(中线高速公路旁)梦幻香山芳香文化园

How to get there

Take the bus from Haikou Transportation Center to Tunchang Nankun Station 屯昌南坤.
From here it is around 14 km away and should take less than 20 minutes in a taxi.

Mei He Yuan Village 美鹤园村

Meiheyuan Village is located in Nankun Town, Tunchang County, 14 kilometres away from the city, to the east is the Liangpo Reservoir and it is also close by the Meng Huan Xiang Shan Fragrant Culture Park.

The village has a history dating back more than 100 years, the ecological environment of the village is well protected and the village is surrounded by nearly 100 acres of bamboo forest.

Traditional industries of Meiheyuan village include the sale of bamboo handicrafts, the cultivation of bamboo rice, bamboo shoots, bamboo fungus and, well, just about anything related to bamboo.

Address: Nankun Town , Tunchang 屯昌县南坤镇

Meiheyuan village is well known for its bamboo handicrafts

Take the bus from Haikou Transportation Center to Tunchang Nankun Station 屯昌南坤. From the station it is around 20 minutes by taxi (13km)

Travel information

For more information on bus ticket purchase follow our practical guide on how to buy a ticket

Haikou Transportation Center 海口总站- Tunchang Fengmu 屯昌枫木

Distance: 112km
Price: 35 / person
Departure time : 6:30 / 8:45 / 11:00 / 13:20 / 15:30 / 17:40

Haikou Transportation Center 海口总站- Tunchang Huangling 屯昌黄岭

Distance: 102km
Price: 30yuan / person
Departure time: 10:00/ 12:30/ 15:10/ 17:20

Haikou Transportation Center 海口总站- Tunchang Nankun屯昌南坤

Distance: 110km
Price: 32yuan/ person
Departure time: 10:00 / 12:30 / 15:10 / 17:20

Haikou Transportation Center 海口总站- Tunchang Station 屯昌站

Distance 96 km
Departure time for VIP bus: 11:40 / 15:40 / 19:40
34 yuan / person (VIP)

There are 48 Express bus routes every day, starting from 06:15 to 18:00 leaving every 15 to 20 minutes.
29 yuan / person (Express)

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