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904 ancient trees in Sanya City added to protection list

Recently, the municipal government in Sanya, Hainan Island released a list of the city’s secondary protected ancient trees.

The list covers 904 ancient trees older than 100 years old and no more than 300 years old. The trees are scattered throughout most villages and scenic spots in Sanya.

The trees mentioned in these regulations refer to rare, precious trees or trees with important historical, cultural, scientific research value and great commemorative significance.

Ancient trees in China are protected by a grading system. First-level protected ancient trees are subject to a list published by the Provincial People’s Government. The second-level protected ancient tree list is proposed by the municipal landscaping and forestry authorities.

Sanya City carried out the survey to identify the ancient trees under the requirements set by the National Afforestation Environmental Protection Commission.

protection of tree in Sanya Hainan island
Tamarindus indica (tamarind)

Trees on the protection list include:

Tamarindus indica (tamarind)
Chukrasia tabularis A. Juss (Chickrassy)
Bombax malabaricum (Kapok)
Antiaris toxicaria Lesch (Upas trees)

Sanya has attached great importance to the protection of ancient trees, they are considered an integral part to building forest cities.

Provisions, protection and management orders for the trees have been issued. The directives encourage protection and publicity of the trees which fundamentally should be based around the tree original location.

It also explicitly banned logging, transplantation without authorization, bark peeling, digging of the roots and injecting toxic and harmful substances into the trees.

Furthermore, construction of buildings, structures, laying pipeline, erecting powerlines and stone quarrying within the protection range of trees is forbidden.

More simply, breaking branches, climbing, hanging objects, using tree trunks as supports and open flames near the trees on the list is also prohibited.

Download the full list of protected trees in Sanya below. The list is in Chinese, forgive us for no translation (there are 904 fields of information)

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