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Nature, wildlife & the environment

Birds of Hainan: The Chinese Pond Heron

The Chinese PondHeron (Ardeola bacchus) is an East Asian freshwater bird, it is listed as Least Concern

Birds of Hainan: The Green Sandpiper

Green Sandpipers prefer tropical or subtropical habitats among forests, wetlands, swamps, flooded grasslands

Aquaculture tourism platform arrives in Hainan – What is Aquaculture?

The first semi-submersible deep-sea intelligent aquacuhlture tourism platform has arrived in Hainan - What is aquaculture

Most Beautiful Hometown Rivers – Haikou’s Meishe River makes the list!

The Meishe River runs through the main urban area of Haikou City and flows through the central urban area

Wildlife rescue and the fight against illegal wildlife trade

Since 2018 the provincial rescue center has rescued 135 species of terrestrial wild animals accounting for more than 4000 animals

Autonomous trash cleaning bot put to work on Haikou’s lakes

The first unmanned water surface cleaning vessel has been put to work in Haikou City, in the East and West lakes of Haikou People’s Park on January 4

The Chinese horseshoe crab – an endangered blue-blooded “living fossil”

Chinese horseshoe crabs have lived on the planet for 450 million years. Nowadays they are an endangered species.

Agricultural products grown on Hainan Island. How many do you know?

As the 2021 China (Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural Products Winter Fair comes to a close it's worth taking a look at some local products that are grown on Hainan Island.

How does a typhoon form?

There are 3 basic stages in the life of a typhoon, its origin (or source), the mature stage and the dissipation stage, where it dies out.

Haikou Wetland Protection Project wins Provincial Science and Technology Award

On December 3, the Hainan Provincial Science and Technology awards conference announced 47 award-winning projects, including the Haikou City Wetland Protection Management System

Ancient coral reef found on shores of Hainan

An ancient coral reef believed to be around 2,000 years old was recently discoverd on the southern coast of Hainan Island

Sharp-Tailed Sandpipers migrate to Hainan for the winter

Sharp-Tailed Sandpipers have recently been spotted at the Xiatang Wetlands in Haikou during their winter migration to Hainan.
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