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Glamping, a combination of Glamorous and Camping, is where luxury meets the outdoors

Hainan has long been an outdoor adventure playground. Mountains, rivers, pristine shorelines and undiscovered villages are what make Hainan a special place to explore.

Dependending on the traveler, there are many ways to discover the outdoors and spend a night in the wilderness.

But unless you are Bear Grylls, you’ll probably want a little more than a pocket knife to get good night’s rest.

Thankfully, we have Decathalon stores in Hainan which sell two person tents for around 199 yuan and a whole range of budget outdoor supplies. But with summer heats rising as high as 40 degrees Celsius, the decathalon special just might not cut it. Especially for families with young children.

If you want something a little more comfortable then a night glamping at Nanlihu lake in Ding’an might be for you.

The campsite has 15 egg shaped sleeping pods that can comfortably fit two people with luggage and a dog. The pods are air conditioned and come equipped with mosquito nets.

Each pod has its own bathroom with heated shower, sit down toilet and body/hair wash. There’s also power outlets and a decking area for relaxing around the pod in the evening.

Communal amenities include: BBQ area, fridge/freezers, small convenience store (mostly beer/water BBQ supplies), fresh running water. If sitting around the BBQ area you can also ask for a plug in fan!

The camp owner also has a projector and screen, which he will happily set up if needed.

Camping pods at the time of writing the article are 299 yuan per night and you’ll need to take your own food along. There are no restaurants nearby so make sure you are well stocked.

The glamping site is approximately 70km from Haikou, which takes around 1 hour 20 minutes by car.

Nan li lake covers a water area of 26 square kilometers, the water is clear and surrounded by coconut groves and farmland. In the evening, it’s dark enough to see the stars and in the morning it’s quiet enough to hear the sound of song birds and fish jumping out of the lake.

It is also possible to set up your own tent on the grass area.

Address (copy and paste into Baidu maps): 星空野营椰子帐篷民宿
Contact for booking: wenhui10110 (Chinese)

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