Hainan to build 10,000 charging piles for electric vehicles this year

The Hainan Provincial Reform and Development Commission recently issued a notice on the construction of electric charging infrastructure for 2021 and its plans to build 10,000 charging piles for electric vehicles this year.

Hainan will work with electric charging station enterprises improving the access rate of provincial platforms and launch an APP for users to locate charging stations by scanning a QR code.

It is reported that by the end of 2020, the province built a total of 916 charging stations, 12 electrical charging stations equipped for 255 batteries and a total of 26,402 charging piles.

The overall electric vehicle to pile ratio is 2.4:1 which is above the national average level.

This year Hainan Province will promote the construction of charging infrastructure, however there are problems for some smaller cities and counties, the market for piles is small, the layout is unsuitable and it is difficult for charging piles to enter community operations.

The provincial government’s annual target of the overall vehicle to pile ratio is set below 2.5:1.

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