Yanoda rainforest Baoting Hainan

Bǎotíng (centre line)

Baoting Hainan

Bǎotíng Li and Miao Autonomous County

Bǎotíng Li and Miao Autonomous County, (along the centre line), is one of six autonomous counties in Hainan and it’s famous for having the most perfectly preserved primal tropic rain forest in all of China. It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty that has yet to be discovered by western tourists. The old growth forest is one of the most biologically diverse areas in all of China and home to numerous species of plants and animals under state protection. Bǎotíng is an area steeped in ancient culture and traditions, from food & drink to music & dancing to clothing & lifestyle of the local people and it is first on our list of places not to miss in Hainan.   

Yanoda rainforest Baoting

Yanoda rainforest Waterfall
Yanoda rainforest frog
Yanoda rainforest butterfly
Yanoda Rainforest Waterfall

Yanoda tropical rainforest

Yanoda Rainforest Tourism Zone, Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County is 18 kilometers from Baoting along the Central Line and 35 kilometers from Sanya City. The government invested nearly RMB 4 billion in the park (45 square km) and Cultural Tourist Zone, the whole area of protected forest is 123 square km. In 2012, the Tourism Zone was rated a AAAAA-scenic spot. There's rock climbing, up the waterfall, (so expect to get wet), but in the tropical temperatures it's not a problem, there's a zip line which is quite high, but fun and there are tour packages to climb the mountain, again you're going to get wet, reports on the food are quite good. There's also a 5 star hotel with prices from $150 - 300 for standard rooms if you're looking for more than just a day trip.

At peak season it can get very, very busy so it's recommended to go during quieter periods, it is also quite commercial.

Bǎotíng Li and Miao Autonomous County

Baoting seven fairy water festival

Qi Xian Ling (meaning, ‘Seven Fairies’) is a Protected National Park. Awarded this status in 1998 by the State Council and the State Forestry Administration,

Bing Lang Valley tourist area

Hainan Bing Lang Valley Tourist Area and resort, founded in 1998, is a nature reserve that borders Sanya. Located a mere 26 kilometers from the city (Sanya) center, Bing Lang Valley is a massive area of over 5000 acres.

Li minority quilt weaving

Li minority weaving

Historical records dating back 2000 years to the Han Dynasty mention the linen cloth made by Li women. With hundreds of patterns and designs all inspired from nature and their daily lives Li cloth is instantly recognisable and internationally acclaimed.

Li minority rice wine

Li minority rice wine

The majority of Li are fond of drinking Shanlan rice wine, which is a mild sweet homemade wine, they also brew sweet potato wine and cassava wine. They also like to chew betelnuts.

Li minority tattoos

Li minority tattoos

For centuries the tattoos of Li women were used to identify not only their tribe, family and social status but they also allowed them to be recognised by their ancestors after their death.

Camping in Jian Feng Ling National Park

Hainan is not really equipped for family camping, there are no campsites as you would recognise them in Europe, with showers, hot water and in some cases even kitchens, although this is set to change in the very near future with a large campsite being built close to Sanya. This didn't stop us (or many others) however, having a fantastic week camping in Jian Feng Ling National Park in Ledong, along the centre of line of Hainan.