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Extreme Weather Warning, Temperatures of 38 Degrees Expected Today...

Hot! Hot! Hot! The temperature is expected to reach a high of 38℃ in Haikou today, with an orange warning for high temperatures in effect. This is the first warning of its kind this year and is expected to continue until tomorrow.

From July! New “mandatory national standard” for e-bike helmets in...

Starting from July 2023, all e-bike riders in China will be required to wear helmets that comply with the new national standard. The standard sets strict rules for the durability and reliability of the straps and other components, collision energy absorption, puncture resistance, and eye protection.

Plan Your Getaway: 2023 Upcoming Holidays to Look Forward...

How time flies, we’re already halfway through the month of March, with the Qingming Festival holiday also known as Tomb Sweeping Day or Pure Brightness Festival, just around the corner.

From Landfill to Eco Park: Yanchunling Restoration Project Unveils...

The "plan" for Yanchunling Ecological Park includes three design schemes, each with detailed introductions to the design concepts, investment estimates, and pros and cons. The public is encouraged to provide feedback on the park's design concept, functional layout, traffic organization, plant configuration, architectural style, urban furniture, and signage system.
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Rejuvenation of rural towns and villages in the Jiangdong New Area.

Over the past couple of years since the announcement of the Hainan Free Trade Port, the island has seen extensive development in infrastructure and the general business environment.

In the Jiangdong New Area Haikou, headquarters buildings are being built for companies setting up in Hainan, new hospitals are under construction, education services have improved, and the Haikou Meilan airport has been expanded, the list goes on.

Progress within the Jiangdong New Area.

The Jiangdong New Area business environment is progressing, but what is happening with the rural towns and villages?

Gaoshan, Zhongkai and Yaocheng village are three villages located in Jiangdong New Area which have all benefited from the recent developmental changes.

Gaoshan Village

Built in the early Tang and Song Dynasties it has a history of over 1,000 years. Gaoshan cun 高山村 literally means “tall mountain village”, which is strange as the village is built a few meters above sea level. Nowadays it is a beautiful rural 5 start demonstration zone.

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Gaoshan village Guilin yang Haikou mountain village


Through the renovation of the house facades, village roads, and the maintenance of the revolutionary ruins in the village, people have worked hard to build Zhongkai Village into what it is today. One of the highlights of Zhongkai is the 1,000-year-old Lin family house, which has been renovated back to original life.

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Zhongkai village Hainan Haikou

Yaocheng Village

The houses and courtyards date back to the Qing Dynasty and it has a rich culture and history, as far back as 400 years ago people lived and worked in Yaocheng village. According to records, the village was also used as a revolutionary base for resistance struggles against the Japanese army. It is said that more than 70 young men and women from the village joined the Qiongya Anti-Japanese army.

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If you are interested in visited the villages, click the more info links under each village introduction. A good way to visit all three villages in a day would be to rent bicycles from the 517 hostel in Haikou. The total round trip from the Haikou 517 would be around 50-60 km and there’s plenty to see along the way.

More information on bicycle rentals and 517 hostels in Hainan

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Looking for something different for your next Hainan break? Then this may be for you!

Already a popular spot with tourists for boating tours, it is now possible to book a floating hotel in the fishing village in Língshuǐ

Green Chocolate works lands in the Jiangdong New Area Haikou

Green Chocolate Works Ltd have officially landed in the Jiangdong New District, where they will build a manufacturing base for the production of high end chocolate products.

76 enterprises settle in Haikou Jiangdong New Area Enterprise Park Project

The Haikou Jiangdong New Area Enterprise Port Project was completed in March 2021. Six months into operation and it has already attracted 76 enterprises.

Provincial Development and Reform Commission issues 2021 Guidelines for Venture Capital in Hainan FTP

The guidelines aim to further standardise and improve venture capital service management in Hainan province and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the venture capital industry

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The Life and Legacy of Su Dongpo, Poet, Politician and Exile

Su Dongpo, also known as Su Shi (1037-1101), was a renowned scholar, poet, and government official from the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127) in China. He lived during a time of political instability and cultural flourishing and is remembered for his wit, wisdom, and literary talent.

Hong Kong to give away 500,000 air tickets to revive tourism

The city’s leader John Lee announced that Hong Kong will hand out 500,000 air tickets, saying it was “probably the world’s biggest welcome ever.” Lee also highlighted a number of events coming up including the Rugby Sevens and a city marathon.

Hainan to spend US$717 million on Formula E race circuit

Formula E, E1 World Electric Powerboat Series and International Motorcycling Federation Races on the cards for Hainan Island

Spring Festival in China and local customs in Hainan

Spring Festival is one the largest holidays of the year in China. Find out more about traditional celebrations over the 2023 new year and the spring festival.

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Spring Festival in China and local customs in Hainan

Spring Festival is one the largest holidays of the year in China. Find out more about traditional celebrations over the 2023 new year and the spring festival.

Have you tried Hainan Fish Tea?

Hainan Fish Tea is a popular snack with the Li and Miao minorities of Hainan Island.

New air routes coming to Hainan for 2022

A total of 10 new and optimized routes have been opened in Hainan with the number of domestic routes reaching 28.

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