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Why Now is the Ideal Time to Establish Headquarters...

The Hainan Free Trade Port offers a unique opportunity for businesses. Explore tax breaks, streamlined regulations, and support services for both Chinese and foreign companies seeking global expansion ...

Accounting Professional Qualification Exams Open to Foreign Nationals from...

Starting June 1st, foreign nationals legally working and residing in China can take the accounting professional qualification exams ...

Irish Designers Making Waves at the Hainan Expo 2024

Discover the creativity and craftsmanship of Irish fashion designers as they shine at the Hainan Expo 2024. Explore their unique perspectives on luxury, elegance, and heritage, showcased on the global stage.

Spotlight on Irish Ingenuity: Highlights from Irish Businesses at...

Irish businesses are making their mark at the Hainan Expo 2024. From cutting-edge technology to sustainable food solutions, discover how these companies are shaping the future of global trade and innovation.

Newborn rare gibbon spotted in Hainan national park

The Hainan Gibbon is the world's rarest primate

Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park officially confirmed on Tuesday that a baby gibbon was born earlier this year.

Staff members of the park administration spotted the new born gibbon on Jan 24th during routine daily monitoring, and after two months of observation, it was confirmed that the gibbon population has increased to 36 in five families in Hainan Province.

“The baby has been named ‘Yuannan’ and it is in good condition,” said Qi Xuming, an official with the park administration, adding that the new born has been seen separate from its mother at close range.

The Hainan Gibbon is the world’s rarest primate

The Hainan gibbon, the world’s rarest primate, has been listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Numbering over 2,000 in the 1950s, the Hainan gibbons’ population plunged to about seven in the 1980s, due to excessive hunting and lumbering which pushed them to the brink of extinction.

Hainan gibbons typically live in rainforest trees over 10 meters tall. They have long arms and legs but no tail, and rarely set foot on the ground, making captive breeding difficult.

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of last year, Hainan gibbons added 2 baby apes, also from group D. 

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Latest properties for rent

3 bedroom apartment for sale

No. 20, Yusha Road, Longhua District, Haikou City 海口市龙华区玉沙路20号国贸经典
104 m2
Living area
¥1.4 Mill

Chun Cui Café

Spanning a vast area, Evergreen Park is one of the largest urban parks in Haikou, covering hectares of lush greenery, recreational facilities, and walking paths offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of...

Homeroom/English Teacher- Haikou, Hainan

Position Overview: A talented teacher of English who can teach English is needed in this growing bilingual school which will have students in Kindergarten...

Deputy Dean – UWE College of Hainan Medical University

UWE College of Hainan Medical University (HNMU-UWEC) is a Sino-UK cooperative education institute established jointly by Hainan Medical University and the University of the...

Middle, primary school & Kg teachers needed – Sanya, Hainan – Aug 2024

Experience the best of both worlds - a fulfilling teaching career and an idyllic island lifestyle. Join our international school in Hainan this August...

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Cosy Stays Beyond the Ordinary

Relax, Unwind, and Explore Hainan's Hidden Gems

Chun Cui Café

Spanning a vast area, Evergreen Park is one of the largest urban parks in Haikou, covering hectares of lush greenery, recreational facilities, and walking...

little India Haikou

Little India Restaurant Haikou, a popular spot with locals and expats alike, offers a taste of India and Nepal right in the centre of...

Guanhai Coffee Xixiu Beach

Sitting just a few steps away from Xixiu Beach in Haikou, Guanhai Coffee offers a nice escape for beach lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike....

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Why Now is the Ideal Time to Establish Headquarters in the Hainan Free Trade Port

The Hainan Free Trade Port offers a unique opportunity for businesses. Explore tax breaks, streamlined regulations, and support services for both Chinese and foreign companies seeking global expansion ...

Back to the Grind: Next Holiday is Dragon Boat Festival June 8-10

No more snooze button! With the May Day holidays firmly in the rear-view mirror it's time to buckle up and get back to the grind. Oh, and heads up, there's a change in the work schedule for May 11th (Saturday).

Weekly flights set to launch from Uzbekistan to Hainan in tourism push

To boost travel numbers, there are plans to launch direct flights from Uzbekistan to Hainan province. From June, flights are intended to be operated weekly, with plans to increase the frequency to three times a week eventually.

16 Measures to Enhance the Experience of Foreigners in Hainan Unveiled with Explanations

Explore our comprehensive guide to 16 measures aimed at simplifying the lives of foreigners in Hainan, covering visa services, accommodation registration, expedited visa processing, work permits, medical care, legal assistance, tax services, social security, professional qualifications, and more.

Looking for an international pre-school in Haikou?

Flora's International Preschool has three preschools in the Haikou area. Our schools follow a European curriculum

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Kids Pizza Making @The Happy Monk Haikou

Time for mommy to take a day out for herself, to kick back, relax and let the kids create a personalized heart pizza for Mother's Day at The Happy Monk!

The Porch Café Friday Special; Chicken Kiev

Friday is almost here, and we’ve got something delicious in store for you at The Porch! This week, Friday April 12, we are going to have “ Chicken Kiev” served with roast potato and green beans. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself as the weekend begins. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Porch Café Friday Special; Baked Beef Chimichangas

Introducing our Baked Beef Chimichangas – a tantalizing twist on traditional comfort food that's sure to become a family favourite! Tender, seasoned beef wrapped in a warm tortilla, baked to golden perfection, and served with all your favourite toppings. With each bite, you'll experience a burst of flavour reminiscent of home-cooked goodness.

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