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Haikou Old Town, what makes these ancient streets so special and criteria to invest

Haikou Old Town is said to have some of the best preserved arcade architecture in all of China. It has a rich influence of Chinese and Western architectural characteristics dating back to the 1920s, it is also the largest arcade street of its kind on Hainan Island.

There are more than 600 uniquely designed arcade buildings, which are synonymous in design with the Sotto Portico alleyways seen in Venice.

This ancient inner-city borough spreads across 12 bustling streets. In 2009 it was awarded the title of “The first ten famous Chinese historical and culture streets” by the National Ministry of Culture.

Coconut house old town
Old Town Haikou

In a recent interview with CGTN, Peng Wang from the Cultural Industry department said “The buildings here draw from three different styles of architecture. Two draw from the Renaissance and Baroque, which make them a fusion of European and Asian, while the third draws from Southeast Asian architecture.”

In a recent report by People’s Daily, they published an article titled “Preserving the traditional block and preserving urban context,” which mentioned the preservation and inheritance of Haikou Old Town, Longhua district.

Haikou Old Town
Old Town Haikou main street “Zhongshan road”

China wide preservation of historical and cultural cities

By the end of 2020, China had announced 135 national historical and cultural cities, designated 912 historical and cultural districts, and identified 38,500 historical buildings.

In 2010, Haikou launched a protection and renovation project of historical and cultural blocks of arcade buildings.

Some of the work already carried out includes: business format adjustment, old street name restorations and a number of Hainan characteristic B&B/hotels, cafes and bookstores have also opened for business.

In addition, traditional and historical customs have also been revived such as local opera performances, theme exhibitions and folk festivals among other cultural activities.

Haikou Old Town is one of the first stops that tourists make when visiting the capital, it gives a greater insight in to the history and culture of Haikou and the local people.

Top hostels in Haikou 1921 Huan Ke B & B
Huanke boutique style hotel on Old Town Haikou

Investing into Old Town

The majority of assets are managed by “Qi lou company” who are responsible for 100,000 square meters and 1,000 car parking spaces across three lots.

Already around 80,000 square meters have been put into use, and there are about 20,000 square meters of external areas for cooperation and investment.

Favorable support policies will be given to branded businesses

What investment they are they looking for

Business formats for investment attraction:

Brand culture-themed restaurants, boutique B&B/hotel, characteristic bars, web celebrity cafes, Hainan time-honored brands, Hainan traditional handicrafts and characteristic tourism cultural and creative products.

Business qualification:

The business has brand chain operation strength and it has at least one entity store that is operating in Hainan. It must also have a business area of at least 100 square meters (except branded drink bar, cafe), priority for those that have won national, provincial and municipal awards for “outstanding enterprise store”.

Rent: Negotiable.
Deposit: At least three months of rent.
Investment invitation method: Public bidding.
Other expenses: Property management fee, water and electricity fee.
Registration requirements: Submitting the business format plan, copy of business license, copy of legal person ID card.

Hotline for investment attraction: 0898-66246687

Address for investment attraction: 6th floor, Tianrun Hotel, No.34 Shuixiangkou Street, Meilan district, Haikou 海口市美兰区水巷口街34号天润酒店6楼

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