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Nanhai Wang

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Playing Golf in Hainan

There are more than nineteen golf clubs dotted all across the island. So, has teamed up with China Golf Experience (CGE), to introduce you to various courses and holes on this tropical wonderland. CGE are an incredibly professional, knowledgeable and reliable Australian golf tour operator who have been running golf tours to Hainan for many years and their local knowledge is unparalleled. Follow them as they bring you monthly updates on Hainan.

Hainan Travel Series

Hainan travelogue Documentary


2017 Top 5 Recommended Hotels in Sanya

Top 5 luxury Hotels in Sanya

At we take our hotel recommendations very seriously. We receive no payment or freebies for including establishments on our list. Over the next few weeks we will expand this list to include the top 10 hotels, so for now, here's the top 5 hotels in Sanya.


Cycling routes around Hainan Island has partnered with "Hainan Station 517" to bring you everything you need to know about cycling holidays in Hainan. Hainan Station 517 is a youth hostel based in Haikou, dedicated to promoting cycling around Hainan Island. So far they have developed 10 routes including stops at Haikou, Wenchang, Boao, Xinglong, Shenzhou, Sanya, Dongfang, Danzhou, Wuzhishan and Qiongzhong.


Want to get off the beaten track and get out of Sanya for a while, here are some routes to get you started. There are plenty of things to see and do along the West, Central and Eastern lines, you'll find its definitely worth it.

West line

Centre line

East line